If you are thinking about buying an outdoor oven but you live in an apartment you must consider the impact of smoking nuisance to your neighbourhood. So, you’d better know the applicable laws and the different types of ovens.

The killer question: do ovens smoke?

This is the question that customers frequently ask before buying an oven, thus we owe them an honest and comprehensive answer. The answer depends on some factors. Firstly, we must distinguish between two types of Alfa ovens: wood-fired and gas-fired ones (natural gas or LPG). Wood-fired ovens, in normal circumstances, smoke a little. To do that, you need a quality, clean, dry and wellseasoned firewood; then push the wood to the bottom of the oven, make sure to supply an adequate intake of air to the fuel to get a good, hot fire going. The presence of humidity inside the firewood produces a white and intense smoke due to the evaporation of water. If the air supply is not enough, the combustion is incomplete and the resulting smoke is darker. On the contrary, smoke from gasfired ovens is invisible and odourless, much the same as a water heater, so its use is recommended in residential areas or when neighbours are too near.

Smoke from the oven: everything you need to know | Alfa Forni

Emissions of smoke from the oven; what’s up?

In the UK, under the Clear Air Act, local authorities can designate some areas of their region to be a smoke control area. In these regions, it is an offence to emit smoke unless you are burning an authorised fuel or using exempt appliances. We always recommend that you refer to the building regulations in this regard and that you take all reasonable measures to avoid nuisances for your neighbours.