WARNING: one of the main causes of fire is the non-compliance with minimum safe distances from combustible materials. It is imperative that you install the appliance according with the [...]

Doubts about the smoke?

Gianni B. I live in a condominium and have a large terrace that I would like to decorate with one of your ovens of the Forninox Outdoor line. The first objection that my wife Giovanna made was [...]

The choice of wood

Cosmo R. What kind of wood is the best to use in your oven?   Alfa Pizza The wood is a fuel sometimes underestimated. It has a significantly high caloric power, superior to other sources of [...]

Not only Pizza

One of the frequently asked questions who happen to meet when it comes to our wood oven, if the oven is Allegro line Forninox is only suitable for cooking pizza. A simple answer would be: [...]

Chimney flue connection

Giovanni B. Do I have to connect an Alfa Pizza oven for indoor use to a chimney flue? Alfa Yes, you do. All Alfa ovens for indoor use have to be connected to a chimney flue to carry away smoke. [...]

Forninox, wherever you want!

Ilaria N. Can the Forninox ovens stay outside? Alfa Of course! With their stainless steel coating treated and painted the forninox can stand safely outside (with the exception of forninox for [...]