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Stone Oven L

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Bellissimo! The gas-fired oven that makes great Neapolitan pizza at home!


Number of pizzas: 2 4
Batch of bread: 2 (4,4 lbs) 4 (8,8 lbs)
Number of people: 8 to 18 10 to 20

Colours:  Copper

FuelHYBRID – gas/wood

Maximum temperature: 500° C

Available with base or Top + table


Stone Oven L | Alfa Forni Stone Oven L | Alfa Forni
Stone Oven L | Alfa Forni Stone Oven L | Alfa Forni
Stone Oven L | Alfa Forni Stone Oven L | Alfa Forni
Stone Oven L | Alfa Forni Stone Oven L | Alfa Forni
Stone Oven L | Alfa Forni Stone Oven L | Alfa Forni
Stone Oven L | Alfa Forni Stone Oven L | Alfa Forni
Stone Oven L | Alfa Forni Stone Oven L | Alfa Forni

Discover Stone Oven

The Stone gas-fired oven is born of a brand-new concept pioneered by Alfa Forni that combines design and innovation to present a stainless-steel front arch. You can safely place the oven onto the Alfa table without running the risk of scuffing the surfaces thanks to its anti-stretch legs.

Designed and made in Italy as a result of more than 40 years’ experience in direct heat cooking.

The go-to oven for baking any type of dish from pizza to meat, veg and desserts. For slow cooking recipes such as desserts, the door glass will help you check the food as it bakes, an Alfa Forni’s distinctive feature.

Throwing pizza parties at your home will be a doss with the Stone M; in fact, the stainless-steel vault speeds up heating time like no other gas-fired oven in the market and in just 30 minutes you will be ready to bake! Its semi-commercial cooking chamber and its capacity make it the best choice to feed all your guests in no time.

Widen your family circle, bring your new Stone gas-fired oven into your home!

Stone Oven L | Alfa Forni

Any ideas for delicious recipes?

Stone Oven L | Alfa Forni

Sicilian Pizza: Trapani Rianata

The “Rianata” is Sicilian pizza typical of Trapani and is characterized by a very strong flavor and a strong taste For the dough we suggest you to consult our recipe. Ingredients for the seasoning: Tomato Oregano Red onion Black olives Desalted anchovies Pecorino cheese

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Stone Oven L | Alfa Forni

Pizza alla pala (Pizza on a Peel): from the dough to baking, everything you need to know

One of the most widely known and popular recipes in the world of baking is ‘pizza alla pala’, thanks to some characteristics that make this recipe really quite tasty. The dough for ‘pizza alla pala’ is undoubtedly the most influential parameter in the success of a good product; as it is slightly different from that […]

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Stone Oven Hybrid Oven

Stone Oven L | Alfa Forni
  • Just 30 minutes for the first batch!
  • The pyrometer 0 °-500 °C (32 °-932 °F) measures the average temperature of the cooking chamber.
  • Check food as it cooks through the large glass door.
  • Plug and play. Easy to install! Just connect it to the gas supply and let the fun begin!
  • The oven floor is totally produced in-house as a result of over 40 years of experience. Made in Italy with 8 cm thick insulation.
  • An out-and-out 125 Kg gas stove to cook in your garden!
  • The stainless-steel front is folded and handcrafted by our skilled workers.
  • An outdoor oven that cooks two 28 cm pizzas at a time in just 90 seconds.
  • The 4 brushed finish legs have an anti-scratch plastic base and can be adjusted up to 7 cm.
  • The insulating ceramic fibre allows the oven to keep the heat inside the oven for a long time.

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Stone Oven L | Alfa Forni


Stone Oven L | Alfa Forni

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Stone Oven L | Alfa Forni

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