Video tutorial: how to fire up a wood fired oven

Is this your first time lighting up a wood fired oven? In this tutorial you will see our suggestions for the lighting of a wood fired oven using the Legnapronta kit , the Accendilegna kit and the pizza peel set .


  1. we light up the oven with the help of the Accendilegna Kit
  2. after the hay we put in the fire sticks and we light it up
  3. slowly we add the larger wood and close the oven to raise the temperature
  4. we close the door to avoid losing heat
  5. with the help of the oven rake we move the fire on one side
  6. we clean the refractory floor with the brush
  7. with the wood holder we keep the fire on the side of the refractory floor
  8. and then we can start to cook !