How to convert your Alfa oven from LPG to Methane

Learn how to convert your Alfa gas oven from LPG to Methane.


The oven is supplied with LPG or natural gas. Follow the instruction for the conversion. The LPG bottle is not included.

WARNING: The conversion must be performed by qualified technicians when the oven has completely cooled down. Improper installation, adjustment or maintenance can cause property damage or personal injury.


1 – Close the gas

Before starting, make sure that the gas flow is stopped. Then close the gas mains tap or the LPG cylinder.


2 – Remove the gas knob

In order to remove the gas knob (A) it will be sufficient to pull it with slight force. Follow the direction of the arrow.


3 – Remove the gas tube

In order to disconnect the gas tube (B) you can use a 24 wrench or suitable pliers.


4 – Remove the protective casing

In order to remove the protective casing (C) it will be sufficient to remove the screws indicated in the photo that secure it to the oven.


5 – Unlock the burner

In order to unlock the burner (D) simply remove the screw indicated in the red circle. Use a 4mm hex wrench.


6 – Remove the burner

Now remove the burner halfway, being careful not to damage the ignition cable. (E)


7 – Disconnect the ignition cable

At this point, looking sideways, you will have access to the assembly unit and you can disconnect the white ignition cable. You can help yourself with tweezers by gripping the black sheath.



8 – Identify the nozzle to be replaced

Once the burner is removed, you will see the golden nozzle (F) that will need to be replaced.


9 – Remove the nozzle

In order to remove the nozzle, use an 11 wrench by unscrewing the nozzle as if it were a normal nut. Turn the wrench from top to bottom.


10 – Resetting the burner

Now simply install (screw in) the new nozzle and proceed in reverse from point 7 to point 2. At first start-up, check for any leaks.

Continue with point 11 only if you are in North America or you need to intervene on the pilot burner unit


11 – Pilot group release

Remove the block (G) of the pilot group to proceed with the adjustment of the pilot flame. Just unscrew the two screws circled in red.


12 – Remove the pilot flame

Once the stop (G) has been removed, removethe pilot flame head (H).


13 – We reach the nozzle

We raise the pilot flame and unscrew the cap to reach the pilot flame nozzle (L).


14 – Replace the pilot flame nozzle

Using a suitable screwdriver, unscrew the pilot flame nozzle (L) and replace it with the new nozzle.


15 – Resetting the pilot flame

Reposition the pilot flame head as shown in the enlarged photo. Check that the T created by the openings respects the indicated position.


16 – Let’s restore the pilot group

At this point restore the pilot assembly by repositioning the block (G) previously removed. Then proceed in reverse from point 7 to point 2 of the previous page.

How to convert your Alfa oven from LPG to Methane | Alfa ForniHow to convert your Alfa oven from LPG to Methane | Alfa Forni