Pizza Ovens - Classico Line - Artisan Ovens
Pizza Ovens - Classico Line - Artisan Ovens

Alfa ovens


A line of artisanal ovens perfect for villas and gardens in search of elegance. With its timeless design, the CLASSICO Line represents a skilful mix between the most traditional shape of wood-burning ovens and the latest technological innovations.

Forno per pizza Classico 2 pizze

A compact and versatile stainless steel pizza oven designed to cook pizza and much more

Forno per pizza Classico 4 pizze

An elegant outdoor oven designed for the family. Cooks 4 pizzas in just 90 seconds.

Pizza Ovens - Classico Line - Artisan Ovens

CLASSICO line: timeless elegance

The CLASSICO Line pizza ovens have a timeless style. The references to the past and the noble materials used make them timeless and synonymous with elegance, luxury and value.

The rounded dome and the stainless steel front that distinguish the CLASSICO Line models integrate perfectly in all environments characterized by refined aesthetics, making the outdoor spaces even more unique and welcoming.

The design with a strong visual impact, however, does not neglect functionality: the landing is designed to improve the usability of the oven and offer the pizza chef an extra surface in which to manage the pizza, for an even more comfortable cooking experience.

The high-quality stainless steel used to make the front and the landing guarantees that the ovens are solid and have excellent resistance to weathering.

Different sizes, different
design, same Alfa technology

Alfa home pizza ovens are designed to satisfy the personality and needs of those who own them.

This is why each stylistic line responds to different aesthetics, offers different sizes and types of fuel, yet guarantees consistently excellent cooking performance thanks to the innovative Alfa Heat Genius™ technology.

The 2 Pizze and 4 Pizze ovens from the CLASSICO Line are no exception.

Handcrafted in Italy with noble materials and a refined design, they contain all the best of Alfa technology, the result of 45 years of experience and continuous research.

Available in wood-burning or gas, the Classico Line ovens differ in size, but can both become hybrids thanks to the Alfa Hybrid Kit, allowing you to decide from time to time whether to cook using wood or gas for maximum freedom of expression in the kitchen.

Pizza Ovens - Classico Line - Artisan Ovens

The vault is made of reinforced stainless steel and a double layer of ceramic fibre insulation that guarantees excellent temperature retention during cooking.

Pizza Ovens - Classico Line - Artisan Ovens

Authentic HeatKeeper™ Firebrick cooking floor, handmade in Italy for a gradual and uniform release of the heat.

Pizza Ovens - Classico Line - Artisan Ovens

Simple and immediate temperature control thanks to the pyrometer.

Pizza Ovens - Classico Line - Artisan Ovens

Different fueling possibilities and high performance: the ovens quickly reach 500°C for a perfectly cooked pizza in just 90 seconds.