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“Being the world’s most innovative 0°-500°C (1000°F) oven company while maintaining the creativity and the Italian tradition that has distinguished us for over 40 years.”


Domestic wood and gas ovens


Professional ovens in stainless steel and refractory

Domestic and professional pizza ovens

Our drive for continuous innovation allows us to make the best use of latest technologies for cooking, grilling and roasting like a true expert. Each Alfa oven is the result of 100% Italian craftsmanship with an international twist.

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Alfa ovens: fast and high-performance appliances

Thanks to continuous innovation process, Alfa ovens deliver the goods. They light up quickly, heat up to 500°C (1000°F) in only ten minutes and can cook a pizza in one minute thus reducing energy consumption and waiting times. To save you more time you can clean them up in just 5 minutes.

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Made in Italy since 1977

Alfa ovens: a great family for 40 years

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Franco Pepe

At Authentica (my gourmet pizza parlour) I used an Alfa oven that has been retrofitted to cook pizza according to my needs. Since inaugurating it, a year ago, I have used the Alfa Quattro Pro oven and I’m really satisfied with this product and its performances.


Giovanni Tesauro

I chose Alfa ovens as a key tool for my consulting business in the domain of pizza and leavened products. I’m totally satisfied with the choice I made: my oven allows me to handle different cooking techniques; gas supply gives efficiency, shorter heating times, great power and constant heat for high-temperature cooking.


Marco Agostini

Limiting the use of Alfa ovens exclusively to baked goods is a crime! Their versatility and flexibility coupled with a stable performance make them the ideal tools to add value to my traditional cooking.

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