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Alfa Ovens

Wood-burning Ovens

A perfect synthesis of tradition and innovation, Alfa wood-burning ovens are created to offer you a superior cooking experience. The open flame and the crackling of the wood immediately create a convivial atmosphere to enjoy excellent pizzas in the company of friends and family.

Moderno Line

Wood-fired pizza ovens for domestic use | Alfaforni

A light and compact wood-burning or gas pizza oven, with the highest performance.

Forno per pizza Moderno 2 pizze

A compact wood-burning or gas pizza oven ideal for cooking fragrant pizzas and more.

Wood-fired pizza ovens for domestic use | Alfaforni

A wood-burning or gas pizza oven that can cook multiple recipes and 3 pizzas at the same time.

Wood-fired pizza ovens for domestic use | Alfaforni

A semi-professional wood-burning or gas pizza oven for those who want to share countless recipes.

Classico Line

Forno per pizza Classico 2 pizze


A compact and versatile stainless steel pizza oven designed for cooking pizzas and more.

Forno per pizza Classico 4 pizze


An elegant outdoor oven designed for the family. Cooks 4 pizzas in just 90 seconds.

Alfa wood-burning ovens are designed for those who love to enhance the flavour of their food by giving a new olfactory dimension to even the simplest of dishes, which thus become unique and special.

Thanks to the Alfa Heat Genius® technology, the heat is slowly released from the refractory stone and evenly radiated through the oven’s curved walls of the oven, in this way Alfa wood-fired ovens guarantee exceptional cooking performance even at home.

The dome’s insulation, along with the use of two layers of ceramic fibre, allows the temperature to rise quickly and to retain it for a long time inside the oven, thus favouring optimal and uniform cooking with a reduced consumption of wood.

Immediately ready for use, Alfa outdoor wood-burning ovens are available in different styles and sizes to integrate into any garden, terrace or balcony and meet everyone’s needs, even those who want a small compact wood-burning oven to be carried anywhere.

Using an Alfa wood oven is quick and easy

Wood-fired pizza ovens for domestic use | Alfaforni

Light the fire

Place the wood guard in the centre of the oven, put small pieces of dry wood and light the fire. 3 or 4 pieces of wood will be sufficient to quickly heat up the cooking chamber.

Wood-fired pizza ovens for domestic use | Alfaforni

Maintain the flame

10 minutes after lighting the fire, move the wood guard to the left side of the oven. Once this is done, close the door for another 10 minutes. In order to keep the temperature constant inside the oven, insert a log of wood with a diameter of less than 5 cm approximately every 15 minutes.

Wood-fired pizza ovens for domestic use | Alfaforni

Remove the ash

After cooking your dishes, close the door and wait for the flame to go out completely. Only when the oven is completely cold should you remove the ash found on the cooking floor, easily and in no time.