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Multi-functional base

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The Alfa base for pizza is a table that makes for maximum versatility for setting up an outdoor kitchen on wheels and to get the best out of your garden oven. Here are its main features:

  • All-round flexibility to install an outdoor cooking station.
  • It comes with 4 swivel castors with brakes.
  • Made of high-resistance stainless steel with no sharp edges.
  • It is equipped with a large compartment to stack firewood or to place gas cylinders to have them always at the ready.
  • It includes many serviceable accessories such as a peel holder, a handle to move it around, a bottle opener and some hooks to hang tools like tea towels or oven mitts.


Discover the Multifunctional Base

The multifunctional base for pizza is one of the key utensils to create a pizzeria at home. It can be used as a supporting surface for a free-standing wood or gas-fired oven. The spacious compartment below allows you to stack firewood or arrange gas cylinders with the option of fixing a door to hide them from view.

Un ulteriore fattore di versatilità e personalizzazione è rappresentato dalla disponibilità del nostro tavolo multifunzione per pizza in tre diverse dimensioni. The table is 90-cm high with three lengths available (100, 130 and 160 cm) and two different widths (80 cm for the 100-cm one and 90 cm for the other two). It works well as a supporting surface for the oven and even better as a worktop for making pizzas.

La scelta della dimensione ideale dipende in primis dall’utilizzo del tavolo per pizza che si vuole fare, scegliendo se utilizzarlo come base d’appoggio per il forno e avere un piccolo spazio accanto, oppure se utilizzarlo tutto come piano di lavoro, per stendere e condire numerose pizze.

Il nostro tavolo multifunzione per pizza è perfetto per essere utilizzato come piano di lavoro mobile ad esempio nel caso in cui abbiamo già un forno su ruote con un’altra base (magari su misura e di ottima qualità come nei nostri forni domestici in versione Top+base), oppure se abbiamo un forno a legna da esterno tradizionale.

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The accessories of the table

The Alfa Pizza table comes with various accessories:

  • Peel holder (in use and at rest)
  • 3 stainless-steel hooks for hanging tools (tea towels and potholders).
  • Anthracite grey aluminium handle.
  • Umbrella hole.
  • Bottle opener.

Like a modular outdoor kitchen

The multifunction pizza table is made of 304 stainless steel with Scotch Brite finish. The skilled hands of our craftsmen delivered a sturdy table with soft edges. Its light weight and the four swivel castors with brakes make it very easy to move. Then wheel the cooking station wherever you want and put it at the centre of your outdoor kitchen.

Guide to the assembly of the Multifunctional Table

Il nostro tavolo per pizza è inoltre molto facile da assemblare, poiché la struttura è costituita da pochi elementi. Sul nostro sito è inoltre presente una guida all’assemblaggio del tavolo multifunzione per pizza.

Turn your garden or terrace into a home pizzeria with the Alfa outdoor oven and the multifunction table combo and wow your guests by cooking top-notch pizzas in front of them.

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