The Alfa burner

Alfa ovens are a concentrate of technology, innovation and attention to detail, where every smallest component has been designed to offer you maximum safety and the best cooking results.

The result of over 10 years of research, the Alfa burner has been designed to consistently guarantee perfect combustion while being extremely compact in shape.

Each of its elements was initially subjected to numerous tests and laboratory checks in order to certify its quality and efficiency.


But what differentiates the Alfa Forni burner from the others on the market?


The combination of the pilot flame and the thermocouple

These two elements represent the heart of the Alfa burner’s safety structure. Not all ovens available on the market can boast of both devices in one model.

But how do they work and, above all, what are these two components needed for?

The pilot flame is nothing more than a flame located in the burner, which in addition to allowing the oven to be re-ignited quickly, prevents gas from accumulating inside the cooking chamber, which could become potentially dangerous.

The thermocouple, on the other hand, is a temperature sensor capable of detecting the heat produced by the pilot flame (B). If the latter is not present, the oven remains off, otherwise the gas would pass into the cylinder thus accessing the burner.

Why is it so important? If the flame is not lit and the gas knob is turned on inadvertently, the thermocouple (C) will intervene to prevent the gas from escaping, thus avoiding dangerous leaks.

Furthermore, if for any reason the flame should suddenly go out, the thermocouple probe installed in the Alfa burner would no longer be heated and would immediately prevent the passage of gas thanks to the instantaneous closing of the nozzle.


The Alfa burner | Alfa Forni


Nozzles with advanced drilling technology

Nozzles are holes from which gas, a relatively small yet important component, comes out.

Alfa ovens are made using only very small brass nozzles, which are made thanks to a precision instrument and subjected to tests that certify their quality.

This is due to the fact that even a non-compliant hole of a few microns could affect the correct supply of gas.


Copper or stainless-steel pipes

Alfa uses pipes made exclusively of copper or stainless steel for its ovens.

This avoids dangerous leaks and makes them more resistant to both heat and wear.

Furthermore, the rigidity of the materials used also allows to keep all connections consistently tidy and clean so that maintenance of the burner is quick and easy.


Burner cylinder

Gas alone does not burn when in contact with the flame, a small amount of air is required.

So what is the cylinder needed for? To ensure that the gas can be mixed with the correct amount of air.

In this way a perfect combustion is obtained characterized by a blue flame with yellow tips.

Thanks to constant research and development, the Alfa burner manages to perfectly combine high performance in terms of cooking with an unparalleled degree of safety, which make it unique on the market.

The Alfa burner | Alfa ForniThe Alfa burner | Alfa Forni