Bases and complements

Alfa solutions to efficiently place your oven while turning your garden into a real home pizzeria.

The bases for Alfa pizza ovens are supports designed to accommodate most of our household outdoor models and to easily place them wherever they may be needed, whether it be on the terrace or in the garden

The Alfa pizza table offers maximum versatility for setting up an outdoor kitchen on wheels, as it allows us to enhance the spaces available and make the most of the outdoor household oven.

A complete modular system that allows you to customise your outdoor pizza area. Moreover, it helps to organise and make the pizza maker’s job easier.

Bases and complements | Alfa Forni

Space and practicality

Finding the right location for your pizza oven can be a problem. Quite often, there is either no adequate support surface or the environment is too small and the presence of a fixed wood or gas oven is a hindrance when not in use.

We have designed a series of optional products in order to allow you to make the most of every corner available or to make the use and handling of Alfa pizza ovens comfortable. Bases and support tables designed specifically for our household ovens.

In addition to acting as supports, they are all equipped with convenient wheels to move your oven wherever it may be needed, allowing you to store it when you do not use it or to choose a different area each time you cook your pizzas. Furthermore, they are designed to coordinate elegantly with the design of other Alfa products.

Bases and complements | Alfa Forni

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Bases and complements | Alfa Forni

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