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  • The "Rianata" is Sicilian pizza typical of Trapani and is characterized by a very strong flavor and a strong taste For the dough we suggest you to consult our recipe. Ingredients for the seasoning: Tomato Oregano Red onion Black olives Desalted anchovies Pecorino cheese

  • The original Neapolitan pizza recipe has always been a debate among professional and amateur pizza makers, both with regard to the preparation of the dough and how it’s spread out, as well as to the choice of toppings and how to cook it in the oven. People often think that pizza is a simple [...]

  • One of the most widely known and popular recipes in the world of baking is ‘pizza alla pala’, thanks to some characteristics that make this recipe really quite tasty. The dough for ‘pizza alla pala’ is undoubtedly the most influential parameter in the success of a good product; as it is slightly different from that [...]

  • There's a delicious cuisine in every corner of the globe. However, there's one that holds dear in the heart of different from all parts of the world is the flavorful, hearty Italian cuisine. True enough, a recent survey that asked 25,000 people from 24 countries found 84% of them ranked Italian food as their favorite cuisine. [...]

  • Brewer’s yeast is a key ingredient for baking. It’s the most used starter in our recipes for wood-fired or gas-fired oven cooking. You can freeze your yeast and defrost it just minutes before making dough. In the fridge, the brewer’s yeast won’t keep for more than thirty days while if it’s frozen it can last [...]

  • Calculating nutrition facts and calories for a pizza made in a pizzeria can be pretty hard but this surely won’t prevent you from scoffing all of it. If, on the other hand, you can make a delicious, home-made pizza that you will bake in your wood-fired oven, you can easily track the calories and [...]

  • Hand-made pizza dough vs. no-knead pizza dough.   You don’t have a stand mixer? Never mind. In this article we will explain to you how to get a perfect hand-made pizza dough.   For centuries, man have kneaded bread dough without tools other than his own hands and the strength of his arms. Now, [...]

  • Home-made sourdough starter. How to make and maintain your own sourdough starter.   What is sourdough starter? The sourdough starter (or mother yeast) is a compound obtained by a fermentation of a mixture of water, flour and raisins. In this ecosystem, live microorganisms such as yeasts and lactic bacteria feed on simple and complex [...]

  • INGREDIENTS: Serves 4 1 kg Italian 00 flour 650 ml water 4 g brewer’s yeast 25 g olive oil 25 g salt     METHOD Pour half the water into a jug and until the yeast has dissolved. Place half the flour into the bowl of a stand mixer and add the water with [...]

  • Baking home-made bread is an old passion that is being rediscovered. Bread has been a staple in the diet of many earlier civilizations and at its simplest can be boiled down to two ingredients: grain flour and water. Making bread is not hard but it can be daunting, especially when it comes to make dough or, more often, [...]