Pizza Ovens - Futuro Line - Artisan Ovens
Pizza Ovens - Futuro Line - Artisan Ovens

Alfa ovens


Minimalism, functionality and discreet elegance are expressed through the FUTURO Line, where the undisputed protagonist is the stainless steel arch.

Thanks to careful design research, this Line fits perfectly in outdoor kitchens, easily combining with premium grills and other outdoor cooking appliances.

Forno per pizza Futuro 2 pizze

A pizza oven that blends design and innovation for impeccable and uniform cooking.

Forno per pizza Futuro 4 pizze

A pizza oven with a semi-professional performance, ideal for large dinners with friends.

Forno per pizza Futuro 4 pizze

FUTURO line: a minimal design for outdoor kitchens

The FUTURO Line is the perfect synthesis of essential style and surprising performance, offering exceptional results in an extremely intuitive manner.

The stainless steel arch that characterizes the models of this Line is skilfully bent and worked by hand by specialized craftsmen who make each piece unique.

A simple and clean shape make this Line the ideal solution to complement premium barbecues in outdoor kitchens with a minimal and contemporary character.

The functional design, the craftsmanship and the most innovative technology ensure the FUTURO Line ovens are reliable, robust and precise when cooking.

Different sizes, different
design, same Alfa technology

The Alfa range of home pizza ovens is designed to satisfy the personality and needs of those who own them.

Each stylistic line offers different sizes and types of fuel, but always contains the innovative Alfa Heat Genius™ technology that guarantees impeccable results and reduced consumption.

Prime example to this constant aesthetic and functional research and development work is the FUTURO Line which offers two models with different sizes, but the same patented Alfa technology.

Fueled by gas, LPG or methane, the Futuro Line pizza ovens can easily be transformed into hybrid ovens thanks to the Alfa Hybrid Kit, thus allowing you to cook your recipes even with wood, for an uncompromising cooking experience.

Pizza Ovens - Futuro Line - Artisan Ovens

A stainless steel front with large glass door to monitor the food that is being cooked and a pyrometer for immediate temperature control.

Pizza Ovens - Futuro Line - Artisan Ovens

The vault is made of reinforced stainless steel and a double layer of ceramic fiber insulation that guarantees excellent temperature retention during cooking.

Pizza Ovens - Futuro Line - Artisan Ovens

Authentic HeatKeeper™ Firebrick cooking floor, handmade in Italy for a gradual and uniform release of the heat.

Pizza Ovens - Futuro Line - Artisan Ovens

Different fueling possibilities and high performance: the ovens quickly reach 500°C for a perfectly cooked pizza in just 90 seconds.