Modular ovens – Installation guide

The installation plays a key role in the success of a traditional wood-burning oven. Alfa wants to simplify the assembling process by realizing prefab modules that combine in blocks. Few individual pieces that compose a great oven whose resistance is increased by an internal reinforcement that make the dome rock-solid. Undoubtedly, choosing the appropriate materials for insulating the professional oven is crucial.

The Refrax grey mortar is the best ally to give the oven the right elasticity to “breathe” and to allow the appropriate thermal expansion of all the elements. Last but not least, the easy-to-apply ceramic fibre guarantees an optimal thermal insulation of the oven. All that means that you will make less effort and save time in the installation and drying process of a product that will lasts for a lifetime.

Cupolino ovens – Installation guide
Step 1Create two supports in masonry about 75 cm high to get a fire floor about 110 cm high. Place a concrete load-bearing slab about 15 cm thick.
Cupolino ovens – Installation guide
Step 2Create a floor about 15 cm high with panels made of light cellular concrete or concrete lightened with expanded clay or vermiculite.
Step 3Place the sill of the exhaust fume and then the arch.
Step 4Lay floor pieces ( make sure to position them properly counting for thickness of the dome and insulation around the floor).
Step 5Set oven dome on top making sure it is centered over the floor. Gap between floor and dome should either be left empty or can be filled with clay mortar. No other mortar can be used to fill that joint as the filler must be soft enough to compress when floor expands.
Step 6After mounting the dome make sure the pieces are fully settled.
Step 7I recommend to always parge over insulation blanket to make a tight enclosure. That would prevent any smoke leakage should mini cracks ever develop.
Step 8For this, wrap the insulation blanket loosely with chicken or similar wire and parge over with standard masonry cement mix with a bit of acrylic addmix or a bit of tile thinset mortar mixed in.
Step 9Doing facing do not mortar bricks directly to the oven dome. Use some ceramic fiber blanket to provide space between facing brick and oven dome.
Step 10Now you can proceed with the installation of the chimney.
Step 11Once positioned, you can fix it using high temperature silicone, then proceed to insulate it using ceramic fiber.
Step 12Once faced with bricks and if there is space for extra insulation, one can use mineral wool insulation blanket or vermiculite over the parged oven.”


How much ceramic fiber and mortar to use?

Internal diameter Ceramic fiber Mortar
80 cm 2 rolls Kg 75
90 cm 2,5 rolls Kg 85
100 cm 3 rolls Kg 100
110 cm 4 rolls Kg 135
120 cm 4,5 rolls Kg 150
130 cm 5 rolls Kg 170
140 cm 6 rolls Kg 200
160 cm 6,5 rolls Kg 230
180 cm 9 rolls Kg 320