Flue System patented

In 2019, Alfa Forni’s R&D department worked hard to devise a new fume extraction system for residential and commercial stainless-steel ovens, putting great emphasis on the shape to increase the thermal efficiency of the appliances.

The ovens currently on the market come with an evacuation set-up in which the fumes leave the combustion chamber, go straight to the dome without changing their path and reach very high temperatures in the chimney; so the heat remains too little time in the combustion chamber to make it hot enough and this leads to excessive fuel consumption(see fig. A).


Thanks to our patented Flue SystemTM (see fig. B) the heat of our oven rises upwards attracted by the natural draught, meets the dome of the combustion chamber, envelops it completely and radiates the floor at full power; then it makes its own way and ends up running into the deflector which, courtesy of its specially designed slits, eases it out smoothly.

50% more heat than competing ovens.
High cooking temperatures in a jiffy.
Perfect cooking for pukka Neapolitan pizza (90 seconds).

So, the hot air is in contact with the surface for a longer time and the temperature of the combustion chamber soars, striking the right balance between heat retention and evacuation.

This patent allows Alfa to market the best ovens that quickly reach high temperatures and dramatically lowers fuel consumption as well. Product tests carried out in our R&D lab proved that the thermal efficiency of Alfa ovens is 50% higher than competitors’ products.

Flue System patented | Alfa Forni