Food Truck

Alfa pro food truck – the lightest wood fired oven for your moving business

The perfect professional pizza oven to run a successful food truck or pizza trailer with an 900°F fire-breathing dragon.
Available with gas wood or dual fuel, all Alfa Pro models are suitable for your food moving business.

They reach woking temperature in 30 minutes and bake a neapolitan pizza perfectly in just 90 seconds.
The oven is light and robust (2.5 mm thick) and at the same time has a good resistance to the stresses of the road and doesn’t affect the truck greatly reducing power consumption. Alfa Pro commercial ovens are the ideal solution for cooking in the Italian style pizza in your food truck.




30 min

Less fuel

30kg wood/day

Food Truck | Alfa Forni

Small food truck pizza ovens

Alfa Pro produces the best commercial wood and gas fired oven for food truck or pizza trailer.They are made for those who want an innovative and fast cooking appliance with lower operating costs. These commercial ovens takes just 30 minutes to reach 850°F and bake up to 8 yummy pizzas at a time in 90 seconds. Alfa Pro has the most compact professional pizza ovens on the market. Their smaller size and light weight (363 lbs) make them perfect for transporting and avoiding extra fuel costs.

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Food Truck | Alfa Forni

LARGE: Forni a legna con alta capacità produttiva

Alfa Pro offre forni professionali per pizza per food truck con larga produttività. Questi prodotti più grandi riescono a sfronare fino a 150 pizze all’ora e sono senza ombra di dubbio la soluzione perfetta per un ristorante mobile. Alimentati a gas o a legna, i forni professionali Alfa Pro sono disponibili sia con base dotata di ruote che in versione top. La cupola in acciaio permette una cottura perfetta della pizza in breve tempo e bassi consumi di combustibile.