Alfa professional pizza ovens

Unrivalled technology, performance and efficiency

Made entirely in Italy, the new generation of Alfa professional pizza ovens has evolved and is completely updated to offer a cutting-edge cooking performance. Designed without compromise, the new Alfa professional ovens are technologically advanced, even more efficient in terms of consumption, easier to use and have larger interior spaces, so as to consistently ensure maximum productivity and perfect results.

What’s the perfect professional pizza oven for your business?

From the small shop to the food truck on the road, from bistros to hotels that want to add pizzas to their menu, up to the large pizzerias with important hourly productions, every activity can find its ideal pizza oven in the various Alfa Series.

Professional pizza ovens | Alfa Forni

Professional ovens with extraordinary performance and compact dimensions. Immediately ready for use, they offer the same productivity as traditional ovens, but require limited space.

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Professional pizza ovens | Alfa Forni

Professional electric pizza ovens capable of matching the performance of Neapolitan wood-burning ovens with maximum energy efficiency and without installation constraints.

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Professional pizza ovens | Alfa Forni

Neapolitan tradition ovens, par excellence. Entirely made of refractory bricks, they offer high productivity and excellent heat retention.

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4 types of fuel supply for a unique cooking experience

Professional pizza ovens | Alfa Forni


Premium materials and advanced technology make Alfa professional wood-burning ovens highly performing, with ultra-fast start-up and preheating times, and reduced consumption.

Professional pizza ovens | Alfa Forni


The latest generation burners and patented Alfa technology allow gas-fuelled models to quickly generate heat and keep it constant with maximum efficiency.

Professional pizza ovens | Alfa Forni


Same cooking performance as wood-burning ovens, but with low operating costs, no installation constraints and the possibility of independently adjusting the oven’s ceiling, floor and mouth.

Professional pizza ovens | Alfa Forni


The Hybrid Kit designed by Alfa allows to cook with wood in the gas oven, deciding from time to time which fuel to use according to the needs of the moment.

High-performing, beautiful and sustainable professional ovens

Professional pizza ovens | Alfa Forni

New Double Flue System®

It optimises heat, reduces fuel consumption and reduces temperatures in the pizza maker’s working environment by 20%.

Two special extraction hoods allow the heat to stay longer in the cooking chamber, increasing the oven’s performance and, at the same time, the well-being and safety of the pizza chefs.

Professional pizza ovens | Alfa Forni

Improved Design

Alfa’s continuous evolution commitment has led to the complete renewal of the design of the new professional pizza ovens.

The lines recall tradition, while materials and colours look towards the future. Every little detail has been taken care of by expert craftsmen and made with special attention to combine beauty and functionality.

Professional pizza ovens | Alfa Forni

Increased hourly productivity

The new Alfa range of professional pizza ovens has been designed to create a superior cooking experience, taking into account both performance and hourly productivity.

With this aspect in mind, the combustion chambers have been optimised in terms of space and made even larger, without increasing the overall size of the oven.

The high thermal insulation combined with the implementation of highly technological solutions in the construction of the cooking chamber ensure that each Alfa professional oven is more efficient in both heating and maintaining heat.

The result is ovens with unparalleled productivity and reliability such as the Napoli Special Pizzeria Series or the Quick 6 Pizze model, specifically designed to meet the needs of pizzerias with important work rates.

Professional pizza ovens | Alfa Forni

More responsibility towards people and the planet

We aim to constantly improve the supply chain towards sustainability, accompanied in this process by local suppliers.

We take human and environmental costs into account in every choice we make, with a focus on recycling waste products and packaging.

All of our professional pizza ovens have been designed to be more fuel efficient so as to minimise their environmental impact.