Alfa Refrattari was born in 1977 to manufacture and market refractory materials and ovens.

The new Alfa Caminetti brand is introduced to designate the manufacturing of prefab fireplaces by applying refractory material and cast iron technologies.

The company changes its Alfa Refrattari logo to assimilate another innovation, the Fiesta oven.

With stoves, Alfa Caminetti enters mass market and patents some products.

Alfa Pizza was born along with ForninoxTM ovens and is still a leading brand in stainless steel wood-fired ovens; the first one is the 10 Minuti.

The logo changes to suit Carlo Conti’s TV endorsement and the 5 Minuti oven is available to everyone thanks to its compactness and ease of ignition.

The logo evolves and embraces the accessories for the wood-fired oven.

The Alfa Pro brand is created to target the restaurant industry with new steel ovens.

The line of innovative and stylish products for the home.

The brand that embodies and represents the tradition.

The spark that starts the wood-fired oven revolution.

Alfa 1977, the corporate brand that includes all products of the four lines.

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