Oven bases

Oven bases

Alfa bases are the perfect solution to guarantee you have the best outdoor experience with your oven, making it easily transportable from one area to another in your outdoor spaces.

Available in three models, depending on the size of the oven to be supported, they all share some essential features:

  • Features. The bases are designed with attention to detail. They are equipped with high quality wheels with brake, which allow you to easily move the oven, so as to reposition or store it after use. Furthermore, a convenient shelf is included to support the gas cylinder or to store the wood.
  • Easy assembly. Assembling the Alfa bases is a breeze. They are in fact well engineered, designed to be assembled by anyone, both easily and quickly. Moreover, each package contains clear instructions, complete with illustrative photos.
  • Robustness. The structure is made of carbon steel and then painted with a 7-phase cycle. This guarantees not only an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but also maximum durability over time.
  • Practicality. The bases are equipped with very useful shelves or specific accessories, designed to allow you to better organize everything you need. Raw materials, tools, utensils: everything at your fingertips.

The right base for the right oven

We have created several basic models, each suitable for various types of oven. Depending on the number of pizzas that the oven can cook, and therefore its size, we offer three different options: a base for 1 or 2-pizza ovens, a base for 3 or 4-pizza ovens and finally the largest base, for 5-pizza ovens.

Oven bases | Alfa Forni
Oven bases | Alfa Forni

Base for 1 or 2-pizza ovens

Designed for the smallest ovens in the Alfa range, this base guarantees great practicality in small sizes. It is easy to assemble and disassemble and convenient to carry when travelling: the ideal solution to recreate your pizzeria corner, wherever you take it.

This base is designed to offer you maximum comfort and practicality

It can be used with the Moderno 1 PizzaModerno 2 Pizze, and Classico 2 Pizze ovens

 Data sheet – BASE 1 Pizza
 Data sheet – BASE 2 Pizze

 Assembly sheet – BASE

Oven bases | Alfa Forni

Base for 3 and 4-pizza ovens

For our medium-sized ovens, 3 or 4 pizzas, we offer a more robust base, with two closed side panels. Easily assembled and disassembled, it can be conveniently transported by car, thanks to specially designed packaging.

It can be used with the Moderno 3 Pizza, and Classico 4 Pizze ovens

 Data sheet – BASE 3 Pizze
 Data sheet – BASE 4 Pizze

 Assembly sheet – BASE

Oven bases | Alfa Forni

5-pizzas oven base

This base is dedicated exclusively to supporting the largest oven in the Moderno line, capable of cooking up to 5 pizzas.

Featuring an exclusive design perfectly coordinated with the oven and the monobloc carbon steel structure; it is the ideal solution both as a support surface and to move the product where it is needed.

In addition, it is designed to allow you to enjoy your oven with maximum comfort and convenience.

It can be used with the Moderno 5 Pizze oven

   Data sheet – BASE
   Assembly sheet – BASE

Oven bases | Alfa Forni

Discover the Alfa support bases for moving and positioning your pizza oven

The support bases for Alfa household ovens are a fundamental complement to complete your outdoor pizza cooking corner. In fact, a garden or terrace does not always have an adequate surface to support a wood-fired or gas pizza oven.

Depending on the size of the oven, you can choose between three different models: 1 or 2-pizzas ovens, 3 or 4-pizzas ovens and 5-pizzas ovens. The availability of different versions allows you to have the perfect base for every Alfa household oven, designed specifically to support it.

Additionally, the bases allow you to effectively move the ovens anywhere they may be needed, thanks to the four professional wheels with brakes and the practical handles, or effective grip points on the largest model.

The bases are easy to assemble, sturdy and designed to harmonize aesthetically with Alfa ovens. Each version has practical compartments for either the gas cylinder or wood, depending on whether wood or gas combustion is used.

Do you want to know which is the best oven for you?

Oven bases | Alfa Forni