Brewer’s yeast is a key ingredient for baking. It’s the most used starter in our recipes for wood-fired or gas-fired oven cooking.

You can freeze your yeast and defrost it just minutes before making dough. In the fridge, the brewer’s yeast won’t keep for more than thirty days while if it’s frozen it can last up to six months. Remember to wrap the yeast in cling film and to squeeze the air out. Here are some handy tips on how to store brewer’s yeast in the fridge or freezer.


Brewer’s yeast is used by bakers and pizza chefs together with flour and water to allow dough to rise.
In our recipes, we generally favour putting small amounts of yeast to have longer fermentation time in order to get a more digestible and flavoursome dough. But if you are in a rush, just double the quantity of yeast to speed up the process.

To reactivate the frozen brewer’s yeast, dissolve it in lukewarm water, sugar or honey but be careful not to heat it directly otherwise the yeast will begin to die off. See here how to make no-knead dough or with a mixer.

How to freeze brewer’s yeast | Alfa Forni

How to freeze the brewer’s yeast


  • Fresh brewer’s yeast


  • Cling film
  • Plastic cups

Freezing brewer’s yeast is not that complicated. Make sure that it’s not exposed to air and is wrapped in cling film before putting it in the freezer. If you have an opened package, divide the yeast in 4 g parts, put them into plastic cups and wrap them in cling film. You can store the closed package, sealed with plastic wrap for added protection.

N.B. For recipes requiring only a small amount of brewer’s yeast, we suggest dividing the rest into small portions, put them in cups and in the freezer.

Some useful tips to freeze brewer’s yeast.

Do not freeze the yeast after its use-by date because it might rise less or not at all. You can actually freeze it a few days before the use-by date, but you’d better do it when it’s fresh so that it maintains its full viability.

Frozen yeast can be used after the expiry date but make sure not to let too much time pass.

How to defrost brewer’s yeast.

The brewer’s yeast must be thawed following the correct procedure. Do not use microwave and do not expose the yeast to direct heat source. Just dissolve it in a glass of lukewarm water by adding a teaspoon of sugar or honey. After a few minutes, a foam will form on the surface of water, an unequivocal sign that the yeast is alive and kicking.

If you have frozen the entire yeast block in its package, take it out of the freezer, let it thaw, cut it into pieces and dissolve it in warm water as it were fresh yeast.

How long does frozen brewer’s yeast last?

Brewer’s yeast has an expiry date. Fresh yeast usually keeps a month in the fridge and up to six months in the freezer.

How to know if your brewer’s yeast is still active.

Finding out if your yeast is still alive is easy-peasy. Dissolve a teaspoon of honey in a glass of warm water and add the yeast. Allow the mixture to sit for a few minutes. If the yeast is still active, a bubbly foam will form on top.