Ignition of Alfa ovens

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Follow the instructions before turning on the oven.

  • Do not use flammable liquids or other fuels to light the oven.
  • Make sure that there are no flammable materials near the oven and that the minimum safety distance is respected.


  1. Make a small pile of wood in the centre of the oven with small pieces of dry wood.
  2. When the wood is well-lit, add two larger logs and move the fire to one side.
  3. After a few minutes of continuous burning, never excessive, the temperature of 250°C/482°F will be reached, burning to a dark soot. This is the moment the oven is ready to be used.


  • To turn the oven off, close the oven door and wait for ash to form.
  • When the oven has been completely turned off for 30 minutes you can remove the ashes.


  • Use small sized wood pieces that are very dry, above all for lighting.
  • Each wood type provides a fragrance to food in a different way, for example wood from fruit trees is used to give food a more appetising aroma similarly, maple, walnut and chestnut go well for other foods like meat.
  • Treated wood, resin or scrap wood are strictly excluded.
  • Wet or damp wood can pop due to the increased volume of water. This will produce a lot of smoke and less heat.


  • Do not exceed the temperature limit of 450°C / 840°F
  • Do not leave the oven unattended when the fire is going.
  • To keep constant temp, throw in small quantities of firewood at regular intervals; do not keep adding more logs to avoid a dangerous rise in temperature or flames spilling out of the oven that might damage people or things.


Follow the instructions before turning on the oven.

  • Check all gas connections for gas leak before starting your oven
  • Do not lean over the oven when lighting. Keep your face and body at least 50 cm / 19,6 inches far from the oven door.
  • When lighting the oven, the oven door must be open.
  • The burner control knob must be in the off position before turning on the LGP cylinder valve.
  • Do not move the oven while it is in use.


1. To ignite the pilot light, press and rotate the knob together with the piezo ignition button that discharges a spark to ignite the pilot light. To extinguish the flame on the main burner and leave only the pilot light on, turn the knob to the star. If the flame does not light, release the knob back to “zero position”, wait for about 3 minutes and repeat the lighting procedure.

2. Press and rotate the knob anti-clockwise and turn it on high flame;

3. Press and rotate the knob and position it on low flame;

4. To turn the main burner and the pilot light off completely, turn the knob to the dot.

In the first few times it may be necessary to keep pressed the knob to the ON position for a few minutes in order to drain the gas inside the piping.


  • Never run at maximum for more than 40 minutes.
  • Do not close the door when the oven is lit with the flame at the maximum position.
  • Do not exceed the temperature limit of 450°C / 840°F.
  • Never disconnect the gas pipe or other fittings when using the oven.