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WARNING: Follow the instructions before turning on the oven.

  • Check all gas connections for gas leak before starting your oven.
  • Use the proper PTFE gas piping tape for all threaded connections
  • Do not lean over the oven when lighting. Keep your face and body at a safe distance from the oven door.
  • When lighting the oven, the oven door must be open.
  • The burner control knob must be in the off position before turning on the LGP cylinder valve.
  • Do not move the oven while it is in use.

 1 – Connect to 20lb. tank using supplied regulator hose or direct connect to natural gas source. Make sure the burner stabilizer is connected in the correct direction to the burner at the oven.

Lighting Alfa gas ovens | Alfa Forni
Lighting Alfa gas ovens | Alfa Forni
Lighting Alfa gas ovens | Alfa Forni

2 – Push IN the burner knob and turn it counter-clockwise to the star symbol on the control panel.

Lighting Alfa gas ovens | Alfa Forni

3 – While KEEPING the burner knob pushed in, push the ignition button at the same time to light the burner pilot flame.

NOTE: Lighting the pilot flame for the first time or after it has cooled could take some time and possibly a few attempts due to air in the supply line. Be patient as the gas makes its way to the pilot light.

Lighting Alfa gas ovens | Alfa Forni

4 – Once the pilot flame is lit properly you will see a small flame inside (rear left corner) of the oven. You can now release the ignition button BUT will need to KEEP the burner knob pushed in for 15 seconds. This will ensure that the thermocouple is hot enough to allow the pilot flame to stay on.

Lighting Alfa gas ovens | Alfa Forni

5 – Slowly release the burner knob and turn it counter- clockwise to the larger dual flame symbol on the control panel.
The oven burner is now on high and you can start preheating the oven. Wind can cause the flame to blow out depending how low the setting is.

Lighting Alfa gas ovens | Alfa Forni

6 – Return oven door to warming shelf leaving 1-2” gap all the way around the oven opening so air can enter the oven. Do replace oven door tightly or the lack of air will force the flame to extinguish. Preheat oven for 45 minutes to allow the fire bricks to get to pizza making temp. Using a laser thermometer, check the oven floor temperature. You want the floor to be 370°- 430°C (700°- 800°F) to make pizza.


• Do not exceed the temperature limit of 500°C / 950°F.
• Never disconnect the gas pipe or other fittings when using the oven.