ZENO 6 Pizze

ZENO 6 Pizze

“Whoever controls electricity will control the future. The world will never be the same.”
Thomas Edison


Fuel supply: electricity
Pizzas per hour: 80/h
Dimensions with base LxWxH: 104×153.5×175 cm / 40.9×60.4×68.9 inches
Oven weight with base: 480 kg

Cooking floor:
75 x 112 cm
Minutes to heat up: 75 minutes to reach 500°C
Maximum power: 18 kw
Power supply: three-phase current 400 volts

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The largest and most powerful professional electric pizza oven

Zeno 6 Pizze is the professional electric oven designed to meet the needs of pizzerias with high work rates, that require a reliable tool with reduced consumption.

Entirely made in Italy, it quickly reaches 500°C to cook Neapolitan, classic, American, pan, gourmet and peel pizzas quickly and optimally.

Zeno 6 Pizze is immediately ready to use, does not require masonry or flue work and lends itself well to built-in installations, leaving suitable space for maintenance.

With all the power of the latest generation Alfa technology and the quality of Made in Italy materials, Zeno 6 Pizze offers amazing cooking performanceeven with the highest workflows.

Thanks to the optimization of the heat inside the cooking chamber, this professional electric pizza oven is capable of quickly reaching the working temperature and keeps it constant, while consistently guaranteeing maximum energy efficiency.

Oven Zeno 6 Pizze

Discover Zeno 6 Pizze

It reaches 500°C and perfectly cooks up to 80 pizzas per hour with maximum precision and energy efficiency.

The large integrated touch screen allows to programme the ignition, differentiate the temperature of the oven’s ceiling, floor and mouth and set the various cooking programmes.

Extreme power for unrivalled cooking performance

The Touch Screen enables to manage the oven with one finger

The 5″control interface is perfectly integrated into the oven’s design: just a simple touch is needed to manage Zeno in both automatic and manual mode, accurately select the temperature and programme the on and off features.

The large Touch Screen also allows to programme the oven on and off in advance and enables to easily and intuitively access numerous customizable cooking programmes and multiple intelligent functions.

One of the many programmes available is the automatic pyrolytic cleaning programme, which enables to remove any cooking residue, saving both time and effort, while avoiding unnecessary waste of water and chemical detergents.

Oven Zeno 6 Pizze
Oven Zeno 6 Pizze

Triple insulation for greater thermal efficiency

As many as 3 layers of ceramic fibre retain the heat inside the oven without ever overheating the working environment, to the point that the external surfaces remain at temperatures below 60°C even when the oven reaches 500°C.

Additional layers of highly insulating material, resistant to 1200°C, have been inserted in the lower part of the oven to ensure that heat is not unnecessarily dispersed into the environment, thus guaranteeing optimal performance and significant energy savings.

The particular coating of the stainless steel cooking chamber with thick refractory tiles on the sides, ceiling and floor, increases the heat efficiency of the Zeno 6 Pizze ensuring fast and uniform cooking throughout the service, even during peak work times.

Front fume extraction hood for better air quality

The professional electric pizza ovens of the Zeno Series are equipped with a special front fume extraction hood.

This small, very useful element, allows for the correct suction of the vapours exiting the mouth of the oven, thus improving the air quality and well-being of the pizza maker in the working environment.

Oven Zeno 6 Pizze
Oven Zeno 6 Pizze

Removable base for maximum functionality

Zeno 6 Pizze has a dedicated base that can be conveniently disassembled to pass through even the narrowest of entrances.

The high-quality powder coating and the textured finish that recalls the oven casing make it stable, durable and resistant, perfect for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Two comfortable shelves allow the pizza maker to comfortably store peels and tools, while the 4 swivel wheels with brake make it extremely easy and safe to move the oven.

Triple temperature control for ultra-precise cooking

As many as 15 electrical resistors distributed between the ceiling and the floor and divided into 3 individually controllable areas, make Zeno 6 Pizze a powerful cooking tool, capable of offering impeccable heat control.

The oven’s mouth, ceiling and floor temperatures can be differentiated through the practical integrated Touch Screen, so as to be able to adjust the heat in each area with extreme precision for exceptional and constant cooking performance over time.

Oven Zeno 6 Pizze
Oven Zeno 6 Pizze

A functional design to increase insulation and workability

Made of stainless steel, the removable insulated door of Zeno 6 Pizze is specially designed to retain heat inside the oven during the heating phase.

At the end of the service, the door and the cooking chamber insulation is capable of maintaining the oven temperature around 200° C until the next use, significantly reducing both heating times and consumption.

Every detail in the Zeno Series, has been designed to improve the pizza maker’s work.

The door is equipped with a comfortable ergonomic duroplast handle to facilitate safe handling, while the halogen lamp, located inside the cooking chamber, increases the visibility of the pizzas in the oven.

Hidden technology for impeccable cooking performance

With a simple gesture you can remove the large lava stone shelf to comfortably access all the oven’s electronic components.

Thanks to the use of a heat dissipation fan, all electrical parts are properly protected and shielded from both possible water infiltration and high temperatures.

Furthermore, the front of the shelf houses the Touch Screen control panel that allows to monitor and set Zeno 6 Pizze intuitively, while the general control panel of the oven is located on the side for easier maintenance.

Oven Zeno 6 Pizze
Oven Zeno 6 Pizze Oven Zeno 6 Pizze
Oven Zeno 6 Pizze Oven Zeno 6 Pizze
Oven Zeno 6 Pizze Oven Zeno 6 Pizze
Oven Zeno 6 Pizze Oven Zeno 6 Pizze
Oven Zeno 6 Pizze Oven Zeno 6 Pizze
Oven Zeno 6 Pizze Oven Zeno 6 Pizze
Oven Zeno 6 Pizze Oven Zeno 6 Pizze
Oven Zeno 6 Pizze Oven Zeno 6 Pizze

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