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Topping station

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Topping station

Your best ally for to organise ingredients and to season pizzas

Let yourself be surprised by the Alfa topping station, an essential accessory for the perfect preparation of your pizzas.

Made in Italy, thanks to its carefully studied design, the topping station expresses the best of the style and functionality of our country, ensuring that every element needed to season the pizza is always close to hand.

  • 4 containers with lid
  • Created in 2mm thick carbon steel
  • Powder coating
  • Anti-scratch rubbers
  • Easy grip
  • Alfa Design
  • Dishwasher safe trays


Discover the Alfa topping station

The Alfa topping station is an accessory entirely made in Italy which will allow you to better manage the spaces and efficiently organise the preparation of your pizza, keeping everything you need at your fingertips.


Made of 2 mm thick powder-coated carbon steel, it accommodates 4 professional steel trays, three of which are GN 1/9 in size and one is GN 1/6 in size.


Once you have tried it in the preparation and seasoning phases of the pizzas, you’ll realise you can’t do without it!

And cleaning is very easy: for the structure, simply use a soft sponge with hot water and a minimal amount of neutral detergent, while the trays are also dishwasher safe.


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Topping station | Alfa Forni

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