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Wooden pizza peel

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The Alfa beech wood pizza peel allows you to  spread, season and cook pizzas with ease, even if you are not particularly familiar with the use of peels. The smooth, perforated and moisture-resistant surface prevents the pizza dough from sticking and removes excess flour, while the slight frontal bevel helps you slip the pizza into the oven effortlessly.

  • Made of certified beech wood, without the use of glues or chemical treatments;
  • Perforated surface, to remove excess flour;
  • Functional and elegant design;
  • Made in Italy;
  • Compatible with all Alfa domestic ovens


Choose the size that best suits your oven

Alfa wooden pizza peels are available in three different sizes:

Wooden pizza Peel 32
Wooden pizza Peel 36
Wooden pizza Peel 40

Wooden pizza peel

Wooden peels are an integral part of the Italian tradition. Wood, in fact, is a material that does not conduct heat and is naturally non-stick, a quality which allows pizzas to slide easily into the oven.

The result of the experience of the best Italian master craftsmen, each Alfa wooden pizza peel is a unique piece entirely made by hand.


Made of beech wood, from eco-sustainable and certified forests, Alfa wood pizza peels are made of a single element, thus avoiding the use of glues or chemical treatments.

The high quality of the processing combined with the peculiarities of beech wood make Alfa pizza peels robust, manageable and resistant over time.

The lines recall the iconic design of the Alfa peels in the shape of the head, in the frontal bevel that facilitates the sliding of the pizza into the oven and in the holes useful for eliminating excess flour.

Use it as a surface to spread the pizza, once seasoned to your liking gently slide it into the oven and, when it is well cooked, churn out your pizza like a true professional pizza maker!


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Wooden pizza peel | Alfa Forni
Wooden pizza peel | Alfa Forni

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Wooden pizza peel | Alfa Forni

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