Alfa “The Original” pizza maker apron

Alfa “The Original” pizza maker apron

Protect your clothes in style while cooking pizzas

“The Original” Alfa pizza maker apron that protects you from stains, allows you to prepare your pizzas without worries.

Its modern and elegant design is made of pure cotton , making it comfortable, practical and easily washable.

  • Made of 100% natural cotton, resistant and durable;
  • Elegant Alfa Heat Genius logo ® on the front;
  • Made in Italy
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Discover the Alfa pizza maker apron

Let go of the pizza maker that is in you and enjoy experimenting in the kitchen with consistently different doughs and condiments without worrying about stains.

The pizza maker apron branded with the Alfa Heat Genius® logo, made entirely of cotton, is designed to protect you while you prepare pizzas with an eye for aesthetics.

The 100% natural cotton fabric makes the Alfa pizza maker apron resistant, durable, breathable and with an excellent absorption capacity.

Care and Washing Tips

Garments made of 100% cotton have a natural shrinkage that occurs only after the first wash.

To limit this, when washing your Alfa pizza maker apron in the washing machine, make sure that you do not set a temperature higher than 30°C and an excessively strong spin cycle, i.e. not higher than 600-800 rpm.

Alfa "The Original" pizza maker apron | Alfa Forni

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Alfa "The Original" pizza maker apron | Alfa Forni