Gas Connector

Gas Connector

Alfa has created the first gas regulator with quick coupling and cylinder level indicator that is easy to install, safe and certified.

The gas regulator is used to adapt the gas pressure of the cylinder to your Alfa pizza oven.

What makes the Alfa gas pressure regulator unique is the special quick coupling.

Quick to connect and easy to use, it is particularly useful when you need to move the oven: in fact, if needed, you can conveniently detach the cooking tool from the cylinder in total safety.

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The first gas regulator with quick coupling and cylinder level indicator that is easy to install, safe and certified.

The Alfa gas regulator:
» Hooks up in less than 1 minute;
» It allows you to control the level of the gas with a simple glance;
» It has a sensitive and precise gas leak detector.

The components

  • Bolt with female thread for cylinder
  • Pressure gauge for checking of the pressure of the LPG present in the cylinder with indicator of the quantity and detection of leaks and gas passage closure.
  • Pressure regulator equipped with a filter to prevent the introduction of foreign bodies contained in the gas.
  • Certified rubber hose
  • 1/2” quick coupling certified for gas use. Female part integrated on the pressure regulator pipe and male part to be assembled on the gas ramp.
Gas Connector | Alfa Forni
Gas Connector | Alfa Forni

How to connect the pizza oven to the gas cylinder

To connect the gas regulator to the gas cylinder, follow the 4 steps below.

Gas Connector | Alfa Forni


Screw the gas regulator into the cylinder valve and, by hand, turn the bolt anti-clockwise.

Use a size 25 wrench for perfect tightening and avoid damaging the valve gasket, thus compromising its seal.

Gas Connector | Alfa Forni


Release the male part from the gas pipe by pulling back the knurling on the quick coupling.

Important: hold the other part with your hand as in the photo.  Release could make it jump and fall to the ground, resulting in damage.

Gas Connector | Alfa Forni


Connect the male part to the gas ramp, first by hand and then using a size 25 wrench. Check for the included gasket.

If leaks are detected, it is necessary to use Teflon to seal the connection.

Gas Connector | Alfa Forni


Connect the hose using the quick coupling-release system, applying a slight force.

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Gas Connector | Alfa Forni