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Kit Gas

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The kit to connect your Alfa oven to the gas bottle.

  • 3 Pieces: 1 Flexible hose Male Female ½”, 1 low pressure 7 kg/h 30 mbar gas regulator, 1 roll of PTFE tape..
  • Gas bottle size: 15 kg, 20 kg, 30 kg
  • Compatible with all Alfa gas ovens

Alfa has decided to make it easier for all owners of an LPG oven by creating a kit to connect it to the gas bottle.


Discover the Kit Gas

We have created this Gas kit for Alfa home ovens with the intention of making the connection to the gas cylinder as easy as possible. The kit fits all Alfa gas-fired ovens. It is compatible with cylinders of different sizes so that you can connect small models such as the One and the Stone Oven or larger ones like the Brio or the Dolce Vita.

All our steel ovens are easy to use and move, built with high-quality materials and with great design features.

Alfa mobile outdoor ovens have a gas cylinder compartment (or firewood for hybrid models). Both those in the Top + base version and the Top + Pizza multifunctional table are very easy to install.

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Here’s how to install them in a few steps:

  1. Use the Teflon tape to seal oven and pipe joints by making at least ten wraps on each thread.
  2. Connect the gas inlet at the rear of the oven with the joints and gaskets included in the kit (gasket standards may vary in some countries like Germany).
  3. Use the gaskets and fittings provided in the kit and connect the gas regulator to the cylinder.
  4. Connect the ends of the flexible tube to the gas regulator and to the oven by fitting in the gaskets and joints and wrap with the PTFE tape before securing the components.

Warning: Connecting improperly the oven to the gas cylinders can cause gas leaks or malfunctions leading to dangerous situations. If you can’t safely handle this type of work, we recommend that you contact a gas service technician.

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