Who said that a good pizza cooked in a wood-burning oven can be only eaten in a pizzeria?
Today thanks to food trucks, pizza becomes a street food staple as well.

Below we will see some steps to start your business on wheels no matter if it’s a food truck or a food van. First of all, choose the type of vehicle that suits your needs; we suggest a three-wheeled Ape for a city use and vans or trucks for extra-urban use.


Once you have chosen the right vehicle, you have to outfit it with the appliances for making pizza. The basic equipment obviously includes a wood-fired or gas-fired professional oven, it’s up to you, a worktop, a fridge and a sink. You can also add a fryer, a slicer, you name it.

Paperwork is a key part to start your business. Make sure to meet the legal requirements in accordance with the law on street trading.

Then, you will have to apply for a street trading licence depending on whether the truck is in a fixed location or changes it periodically.

Now, you just have to fill up, make a good dough, light your professional wood-burning oven and cook thousands of pizzas on the road. Enjoy it!

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