Post COVID-19 pizzerias: hospitality industry reinvents itself in the wake of coronavirus investing in the takeaway business model!

“Investing during the crisis” has been the watchword in the past few weeks of health emergency to pave the way for reopening restaurant businesses.

After the measures of governments to guarantee social distancing in public places, many restaurants have repurposed to embrace the takeaway model.

“Behind every problem, there is an opportunity”, said Galileo, because only those who adapt to change and can turn a crisis into an opportunity will finally survive and that’s especially true for pizzerias that have turned to takeaway and delivery.


The name of the game is cutting costs.

The restaurant owner decides to invest some money into a small-scale, high-volume pizzeria. A little establishment to put the oven, a counter, two pizza chefs and a back of house prep lab and Bob’s your uncle!

The customer places the order and then picks it up. Welcome to the pizzeria of the future!

Do you want to know which is the best oven for you?

The best ovens for a takeaway pizzeria

Alfa has been selling wood-fired, gas-fired and electric ovens all over the world for 43 years. Let’s see now which are the most suitable models for setting up your takeaway business.

If space is in short supply and you can’t connect the oven to a chimney flue, the gas-fired Quattro is right up your alley. It weighs only 240 kg and comes with 4 castors for easy manoeuvrability. Just put the oven under a cooker hood and start baking in a hassle-free way. It heats up in 60 minutes and can deliver 60 to 90 pizzas per hour.


If a space is not a problem, you can opt for the Quick pizza oven or Opera.

The 4 bullet points to open a bare-bones takeaway pizzeria

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