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Peel holder Vela

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The peel holder Vela, as well as being comfortable and functional, fits well to all the environments of your home, both indoor and outdoor. It is indeed a unique tool, refined and with an innovative design.

Note: the product is sold without peels.

Colour: Copper


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Peel holder Vela | Alfa Forni

Pizza alla pala (Pizza on a Peel): from the dough to baking, everything you need to know

One of the most widely known and popular recipes in the world of baking is ‘pizza alla pala’, thanks to some characteristics that make this recipe really quite tasty. The dough for ‘pizza alla pala’ is undoubtedly the most influential parameter in the success of a good product; as it is slightly different from that […]

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Peel holder Vela | Alfa Forni

Rustic Italian Recipes That Are Easier Than They Look

There’s a delicious cuisine in every corner of the globe. However, there’s one that holds dear in the heart of different from all parts of the world is the flavorful, hearty Italian cuisine. True enough, a recent survey that asked 25,000 people from 24 countries found 84% of them ranked Italian food as their favorite cuisine. […]

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Peel holder Vela | Alfa Forni
Peel holder Vela | Alfa Forni

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Peel holder Vela | Alfa Forni

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