Some ideas for a vegan pizza

Preparing a vegan pizza is really simple and fun; you just need the right ingredients and a bit of imagination.

Let’s start with the ingredients: flour, olive oil, water and yeast. If we use fresh yeast we must make sure that it is vegan-safe while if, on the contrary, we use sourdough or natural yeast there will be no problems at all.

Let’s make pizza dough by following the recipe and let’s have fun by choosing pizza toppings.

Let’s choose soy-milk mozzarella to cook a vegan pizza Margherita or fresh seasonal vegetables to garnish it.

If we don’t want to use fresh products we can use dried fruits and nuts; for instance, we can garnish the pizza with tomato pulp, olive oil, basil, garlic and almonds.

Let’s light the pizza oven, get it up to the right temperature and start cooking! Enjoy it!


Some ideas for a vegan pizza | Alfa ForniSome ideas for a vegan pizza | Alfa Forni