The Alfa Forni’s patented fume extraction system is fully integrated into the oven dome with a particular shape that lengthens the way of both wood and gas combustion products; improving on the thermal efficiency of the appliance prevents flying sparks or naked flames in indoor facilities with connection to the chimney, allowing the operator to simply close the door when the oven is running without the draught being affected.

The ovens currently on the market come with an evacuation set-up in which the fumes leave the combustion chamber, go straight to the dome without changing their path and reach very high temperatures in the chimney; so the heat remains too little time in the combustion chamber to make it hot enough and this leads to excessive fuel consumption(see fig. A).

As a result, fumes leave the combustion chamber giving off a modicum of heat. It also happens that the fumes are deflected to the oven mouth and then channeled to the smoke vents; in this way the extraction path is not at all optimised and overall performances could be undermined (see fig. B).

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Flue System - Alfa Forni’s patented fume extraction system | Alfa Forni

Thanks to our patented Flue SystemTM (see fig. C) the fumes of our oven rise upwards attracted by the natural draught, meet the dome, are deflected and, before leaving the combustion chamber, make their own way through the extraction path until they are further directed towards the slots, whose size and shape are such as to optimise their issue.

In other words, fumes are forced back in the upper part of the chamber slowing down their upward flow, the heat is in contact with the surfaces for a longer time and radiates directly onto the cooking floor increasing the combustion temperature.

This patent allows Alfa to market the best commercial ovens that quickly reach high temperatures (500°C), dramatically lower wood and gas consumption and hold heat longer saving you a lot of time.

All in all, it takes just 60-90 seconds to bake a genuine Neapolitan pizza with its golden crust and charred spots (see photo) even if the cooking time may vary according to the choice of the pizza chef and the kind of pizza dough.