Serie NAPOLI | Alfa Forni

Traditional Alfa Ovens


The professional pizza ovens of the Napoli Series represent the successful union between tradition in pizza cooking and technological innovation. Made entirely of refractory bricks and hand-made, they guarantee exceptional productivity.

Serie NAPOLI | Alfa Forni
Serie NAPOLI | Alfa Forni

Refractory fire clay, high-performance traditional pizza ovens

The Napoli Series professional pizza ovens are the ideal solution for pizzerias that choose traditional Neapolitan cooking and require high hourly production for long periods of time.

Available in different sizes and with 3 fuel modes, wood, gas or hybrid, the Napoli ovens are in fact specially designed for activities that prefer static cooking similar to that of the pizzerias from the past.

Immediately ready for use, traditional Napoli pizza ovens do not need to be built and assembled on site, simply place them on a sturdy surface or place them on the Alfa reinforced iron support base.

Napoli is a static brick oven built entirely by hand, as in the best Italian tradition, using raw materials of the highest quality and with the utmost attention to design.

From the cooking floor to the dome, the professional hand-made Napoli oven is made using refractory fire clay materials produced directly by Alfa, in its kiln in Anagni, near Rome.

In this way, the heat is absorbed in large quantities by the bricks and then released very slowly, for long-term use, which is also efficient from a consumption point of view.

Wide at the base, to allow easy use of the peel and effective visibility of the cooking chamber, it then narrows in the top, until it closes like a pointed arch, so as to disperse as little heat as possible.

This is a solution designed and refined over the years to optimise maximum functionality and performance.

Serie NAPOLI | Alfa Forni
Serie NAPOLI | Alfa Forni

The traditional ovens from the Napoli Series are supplied with a reinforced iron base

It is a ready-to-use product and thus comes assembled and, once placed, it is ready for use. Once it reaches the relevant temperature, the oven allows for a continuous and constant production, which can even reach 160 pizzas per hour in the largest model.

The brick dome is shaped by hand while the exterior lining consists of an attractive mosaic style, which can be customised upon request. The lava stone sill and a characteristic cast iron arch complete the range.

The decorated arch is one of the most iconic elements of our traditional ovens. It was first used 40 years ago in the Special Pizzeria oven, a product that made Alfa history and of which Napoli is today its heir.

This  unique design and Made in Italy craftsmanship make each Napoli oven a precious piece of Italy to display in your own pizzeria, wherever you may be in the world.

Serie NAPOLI | Alfa Forni

Choose from 3 types of fuel supply

Serie NAPOLI | Alfa Forni


Alfa wood-fired ovens are made with excellent quality materials and cutting-edge construction technology. This makes them faster to reach the required temperature and allows for reduced wood consumption.

Serie NAPOLI | Alfa Forni


Thanks to the latest generation burners and patented Alfa technology, gas models quickly produce heat and keep it precise and constant, while reducing consumption.

Serie NAPOLI | Alfa Forni


The exclusive Hybrid Kit designed by Alfa allows you to turn your gas oven into a wood-fired oven. Thus allowing you to decide at any time which fuel to use based on your needs.

Serie NAPOLI | Alfa Forni
Serie NAPOLI | Alfa Forni

Napoli M90

Excellent performance in a small space. M90 is the ideal oven for small and medium-sized pizzerias that choose traditional cooking.

Fuel supply: wood, gas or hybrid
3 pizzas
Pizzas per hour: 
Cooking floor diameter: 
85 cm
15 kw

Data sheet – M90 – Wood

Data sheet – M90 – Gas

User manual

Serie NAPOLI | Alfa Forni

Napoli M120

High productivity, reliability and attractive design characterize this model, designed for the needs of a medium-sized pizzeria.

Fuel supply: wood, gas or hybrid
Capacity: 5 pizzas
Pizzas per hour: 100/h
Cooking floor diameter: 120 cm
Power: 34 kw

Data sheet – M120 – Wood

Data sheet – M120 – Gas

User manual

Serie NAPOLI | Alfa Forni

Napoli M130

An oven of considerable capacity, extremely efficient, created to best meet the needs of medium/high production pizzerias.

Fuel supply: wood, gas or hybrid
Capacity: 6 pizzas
Pizzas per hour: 120/h
Cooking floor diameter: 130 cm
Power: 34 kw

Data sheet- M130 – Wood

Data sheet- M130 – Gas

User manual