Maintenance and cleaning of your Alfa oven




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Every use

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Rust spots


Clean the combustion chamber.

Pyrolysis 500°C (1 000°F). The Alfa ovens clean themselves thanks to a process called pyrolysis (pyro “fire” + lysis “separating”). It is a procedure that uses very high heat to decompose organic materials and to transform them into volatile compounds. To activate pyrolysis we suggest you keep the temperature at 500°C (1 000°F) for 2-3 minutes. Do not clean the Combustion Chamber with abrasive sponges and acidic or basic solvents which could compromise the integrity of the oven.


Clean the cooking floor.

Once the pyrolysis is finished, wait for the oven to cool down and remove any food residues with the help of a brush and a damp cloth. You should clean your oven floor after each use.


Clean the oven outside.

Like all stainless and powder- coat products, Alfa ovens are built to withstand adverse weather conditions including salt air corrosion as long as punctual and effective maintenance is ensured. To clean stainless steel, use a soft cloth soaked in a solution of water and soap or alternatively with baking soda and dish detergent. Rub gently when the oven is completely cold. Use neutral, neither acidic nor basic solutions and always do the operation with the oven cold

IMPORTANT: always check the certification of the product you use and that the components are those declared.
ATTENTION: Steels subjected to high temperatures and direct flames tend to change color on the surface. This is an inherent feature of the material.


Clean the stainless-steel parts.

ALFA ovens are made with stainless-steel outside and inside. To clean these parts, we recommend that you use a stainless-steel cleaner. Please carefully read the warnings and the instructions. Do not use detergents containing acids, white spirit or xylene. Rinse well after cleaning the oven.


Protect stainless steel.

To better protect the stainless steel parts, we suggest using vaseline oil or other neutral cleaning solutions (pH 7) that do not contain acids, white spirit or xylene. Use soft, non-abrasive cloth to apply.

In the case of beachfront installations to avoid salty air corrosion and white thin layers, clean the oven often with fresh water.


Gas burner

The gas burner must be cleaned from time to time by removing food residues with the help of a brush. When cleaning valves and burners, be careful not to damage the burner and not to enlarge the holes.

Clean the nozzles.

At least once a year to prevent them from clogging thus reducing the gas flow (contact qualified persons).

Remove rust spots.

Stainless steel is rust-proof but in some cases (humidity, salty air, sea spray…) some rust stains might appear. Use a rust remover to make your oven shiny and new once again.



  • Do not forget to use the Alfa cover to protect your oven.
  • Visit our dedicated page to find out some advice on how to maintain the ovens, to clean them and to extend their lifespan.

Maintenance and cleaning of your Alfa oven | Alfa ForniMaintenance and cleaning of your Alfa oven | Alfa Forni