Outdoor wood-fired oven: how to organize your dining events with Alfa

The outdoor wood-fired oven is a very popular tool for professional and amateur pizza makers, and it allows you to take advantage of an additional cooking station to put more bums in seats during spring and summer months. It will soon become a magnet for organizing your open-air dining events and for increasing foot traffic to your pizzeria.


Why using an outdoor wood-fired oven?

Cooking with a wood-fired oven simply gives food a taste that is not replicable with any other conventional method. It can cook faster and more homogenously imparting that little smoky flavour that can be altered according to the type of firewood you choose. Food that cooks faster keeps more of its nutritional value and on a wood-burning oven you can literally do every kind of dish from pizza to fish. It’s also a great way to cut energy costs since it runs on firewood, a low-carbon alternative to fossil fuels. Not to mention the humans’ ancestral fascination for fire, their desire to build and control it.


Now let’s recap the main advantages of an outdoor wood-burning oven

1) Wood-fired cooking uses a renewable fuel and nothing like that adds so much to what you eat.

2) Available space is greater outdoors, so anything goes to remodel your restaurant’s alfresco dining room.

3) Better air circulation. Just make sure to place the oven so that smoke won’t bother clients.

4) Easy to install and to move.

5) Great implement to organize cooking shows providing customers with the definitive restaurant experience.

Do you want to find out which oven is best suited for your needs?

Catering and street food

Let’s now make a quick digression. If what you really want is to be a pizza chef, you don’t necessarily have to end up doing it in a restaurant or a pizzeria. Think about starting your own food truck business or becoming a private chef cooking at home for a client. In both cases, the wood-fired oven must meet special needs because space, volume and utility costs are crucial for a successful activity.

How to organize a successful event at your pizzeria

Hosting an event is a chance to attract many first-time or repeat customers to your restaurant and to become known within the community especially in slow days or during the off season. Here are some good ideas to make such events memorable for guests and to highlight the qualities that will make your establishment popular. First of all, fix the objectives and plan the event well ahead of time to get a grasp of the necessary budget. Then consider your target audience, whether it be existing customers, families or the general public and adjust the communication accordingly. Finally publicize it, combining traditional and social media strategy.

Do you want to find out which oven is best suited for your needs?

Great events with the new outdoor Alfa oven

The inauguration of the new Alfa oven may be the occasion for throwing a launch party for your pizzeria and to draw more customers to your venue. Alfa outdoor ovens are reliable and durable products that integrate cutting-edge technology with superb design in order to fit perfectly in outdoor spaces. Visit our blog to know how to choose the best pizza oven for you.

The most ideal event for a pizzeria is a food event. Running a pizza dough contest with a jury composed of customers, creating a consumer survey on the best type of firewood to flavour the pizza, organizing dinners with local wine or beer makers or hosting international cuisine tasting sessions are all sensational ideas to consolidate your brand image.

Trying theme nights to generate the buzz you need to put your restaurant on the map, hosting family dinners with kids eating free or holding a fundraiser to raise money for a group and to build community bonds will allow you to showcase your cooking and increase turnout.

After the event, follow up with the guests and ask them to fill out an evaluation, review their content online and capitalize on it.

Certainly, events like these may be an important source of revenues but most of all they provide guests with a complete dining experience that can be shared with their family, friends and colleagues.

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