QUICK 6 Pizze

QUICK 6 Pizze

Undisputed hegemony in cooking pizzas. Technology, innovation and Alfa design converge in a single professional pizza oven to ensure low fuel consumption and high cooking performance.


Fuel supply: wood, gas or hybrid (gas and wood
Pizzas per hour: 70/h
Dimensions LxWxH: 140x156x95cm
Dimensions with base LxWxH: 140x156x185cm
Oven weight: 392 kg
Oven weight with base: 549 kg
Cooking floor (gas): 120x110cm
Cooking floor (wood): 120x110cm
Heating time: 70 min to reach 500°C
Wood consumption: 9 kg/h
LPG consumption: 3 kg/h
Methane consumption: 2.98 m3/h

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The best ally for pizzerias and
restaurants with numerous seats

Maximum productivity and exceptional performance make Quick 6 Pizze a tireless professional oven, ideal for large pizzerias and restaurants that need impeccable cooking and high productivity.

Quick 6 Pizze manages to offer the same performance as a traditional Neapolitan oven, but in a much smaller space. It can churn out up to 70 pizzas per hour to ensure maximum reliability and accuracy even during the busiest moments.

3 layers of ceramic fibre ensure that the heat remains inside the oven leaving the external surfaces cold, so as to guarantee reduced consumption and a cooler working environment.

The combustion chamber is made of stainless steel and protected with two additional side shields to allow the flame and heat to be conveyed to the base, so as to increase cooking performance.

The insulation placed under the base, with its 50 mm of calcium silicate, a material resistant up to 1100°C, allows the refractory top to retain more heat so as to offer impeccable performance, even during peak work and at full load.

The oven’s large mouth and the wide sill made of stainless steel and lava stone are designed to make the handling of pizzas easier without losing the operating temperature while facilitating the work of the pizza maker.

Like all Alfa ovens, Quick 6 Pizze does not require any masonry work, it is immediately ready for use and it is extremely easy to install, even in built-in mode as long as you leave adequate space for maintenance.

The use of high quality materials enables to place Quick 6 Pizze both indoors and outdoors.

Oven Quick 6 Pizze | Alfa Forni

Discover Quick 6 Pizze

It cooks 70 pizzas per hour impeccably and evenly, it does not require personnel dedicated exclusively to the use of the oven and thanks to the Double Flue System Alfa it reduces the temperature of the work area by 20%.

Quick 6 Pizze faster
and more powerful than ever

Alfa burners: power and reliability taken to the extreme

Everything is designed in Alfa ovens to offer exceptional cooking performance while simplifying the work of the pizza maker.

That’s why Quick 6 Pizze, in its gas version, takes advantage of all the power of the latest generation vertical burners. Safe and reliable, thanks to the double flame it quickly generates heat with maximum precision and efficiency.

The boost button on the control unit allows the pizza maker to manually switch on and off the burner’s second flame.

The intuitive and essential interface allows to choose between 6 operating modes based on the cooking needs of the moment for absolute heat control.

The convenient side control panel offers a 360° view of each componentmaking maintenance even easier.

Small details.
Great performance.

Double Flue System for a superior cooking experience

The patented Alfa Double Flue System maximizes heat while minimizing fuel consumption and reduces the temperatures in the pizza maker’s work area by 20%.

Thanks to two special draft hoods, the heat remains longer in the cooking chamber, increasing the well-being and safety of the pizza makers and offering an unbeatable cooking performance while respecting the environment.

The first hood, placed inside the combustion chamber, optimizes the circulation of hot air so as to maintain heat and maximize the heating of the base.

The second, inserted in the frontal arch, allows the hot air to heat the combustion chamber once again before finally leaving the flue to reduce consumption, eliminate excess moisture in the pizza and reduce the perception of heat in the front of the mouth.

Oven Quick 6 Pizze | Alfa Forni
Oven Quick 6 Pizze | Alfa Forni

Double Shield for even more efficient heat distribution

The cooking chamber of the Quick 6 Pizze professional oven, both in the gas and wood-burning versions, is protected by two robust 3 mm thick shields.

In addition to increasing the oven’s insulation, these elements allow to better convey the flame and heat on the cooking surface.

The result is an impeccable and uniform cooking of pizzas with maximum energy efficiency.

Stainless steel and lava stone for a wide and functional sill

The generous sill of the Quick 6 Pizze professional oven was designed to facilitate and optimize the work of the pizza maker.

Made of stainless steel and lava stone, it allows freshly cooked pizzas to lose excess moisture, making them perfectly soft and fragrant.

Oven Quick 6 Pizze | Alfa Forni
Oven Quick 6 Pizze | Alfa Forni

Powder-coated casing for a stunning design

Every detail of the Quick 6 Pizze is designed to increase its performance and reliability and the design is no exception.

The high-quality powder-coated casing makes Quick 6 Pizze aesthetically appealing, but it’s far from being just a decorative shell.

Its particular finish and the quality of the materials make it particularly resistant for incredible freedom of installation both indoors and outdoors.

Oven Quick 6 Pizze | Alfa Forni Oven Quick 6 Pizze | Alfa Forni
Oven Quick 6 Pizze | Alfa Forni Oven Quick 6 Pizze | Alfa Forni
Oven Quick 6 Pizze | Alfa Forni Oven Quick 6 Pizze | Alfa Forni
Oven Quick 6 Pizze | Alfa Forni Oven Quick 6 Pizze | Alfa Forni
Oven Quick 6 Pizze | Alfa Forni Oven Quick 6 Pizze | Alfa Forni
Oven Quick 6 Pizze | Alfa Forni Oven Quick 6 Pizze | Alfa Forni
Oven Quick 6 Pizze | Alfa Forni Oven Quick 6 Pizze | Alfa Forni

A dedicated base for an even easier use of the oven

The Quick 6 Pizze base is designed to be easily disassembled, so as to facilitate its transport even in rooms with small entrances.

The double support shelf enables efficient management of the work area thus allowing easy storage of peels, brushes and all the necessary accessories to cook the pizza.

The 4 rotating wheels, with brakes, make it extremely simple and safe to move the professional oven without any effort.

The burner control unit is easily installed in the dedicated housing and integrates perfectly with the base.

Thanks to the practical side panel, the burner’s maintenance is convenient and immediate.