Our idea of focaccia is with stone ground flour and 48 hours of leavening.
In this recipe, we cooked the focaccia in the Dolce Vita Top gas oven, on a round tray, at 300° C / 570°F for 5 minutes


Gourmet focaccia made with stone ground flour with octopus and potatoes | Alfa Forni


  1. Prepare the pizza dough
  2. Place 300 g of pizza dough on an oiled (olive oil) tray
  3. Cook the pizza for at least 5 minutes
  4. Boil and season the octopus and add it to the boiled potatoes (you can do that while the pizza is cooking)
  5. Prepare the pesto with rucola, pine nuts and parmesan
  6. Place the focaccia on a dish and top with pesto and the octopus with potatoes


Chef’s tips:

Experiment with other toppings to come up with your own gourmet focaccia