Thanks to mild temperatures, the desire to spend time outdoors increases, making the most of your home’s outdoor spaces.

Modern, portable, compact and high-performance ovens are perfect for decorating outdoor spaces while allowing you to enjoy an excellent pizza with friends and family, even if you do not have a garden, but just a terrace or a small balcony.

Nowadays outdoor home spaces are just as well designed as indoor spaces and, as a a result, the aesthetics of a pizza oven cannot be left to chance.

In order to meet the needs of those who want a perfectly coordinated indoor and outdoor environment, the range of Alfa ovens has been divided into three aesthetic lines; all of which are capable of adapting perfectly to your styling needs, without sacrificing performance.

Three new aesthetic lines, three fuel types with the same performance and technological content.  Let’s discover them!

In this article we will see:

  • Outdoor designer oven: the Alfa proposals
    Classic Line
    2.   Modern Line
    3.   Future Line             
  • What to look for when buying an oven
    –   How big should a wood fired oven be?
    –  What fuel type should I choose?    
  • Outdoor oven: how to choose the right one
Classic, modern and future: choose the designer wood fired oven | Alfa Forni

Outdoor designer oven: the Alfa proposals

Style, colour, shape, accessories, worktop: when choosing the perfect pizza oven, no choice should be underestimated, otherwise you risk  creating an outdoor oven that is both aesthetically unpleasant and ineffective.

Once you’ve identified the general mood, finishes and furnishing accessories, choosing an outdoor oven becomes a breeze.

Pizza ovens should have a retro design in spaces that have a classic flavour to them, while in modern settings, colour will provide a more lively style. Whereas steel will convey a more minimal and decisive imprint in contemporary spaces.

In order to adapt to your furnishing needs, Alfa has created 3 stylistic lines for outdoor ovens:

  1. Classic line
  2. Modern line
  3. Future line

However, we need to be careful: style is undoubtedly important, but the oven’s  technology and construction materials must always be up to par.

This is why all Alfa ovens, despite being designed with extreme care, are made with quality materials and feature the innovative Heat Genius™ technology.

This technology allows you to achieve exceptional performance during cooking, especially when making pizzas.

This is because Heat Genius™ cooks the base and toppings of your pizzas at different temperatures allowing both to be consistently cooked to perfection.

Yet, what are the aesthetic elements that distinguish each of the 3 lines designed by Alfa? Let’s find out below!


1.        Classic Line

With its traditional curves that recall the past and timeless design, this line manages to recall the atmospheres of country cottages thanks to the combination of the most classic shape of wood fired ovens and the latest technological innovation.

The rounded dome and stainless steel front that distinguish the Classic Line make your outdoor space even more comfortable and welcoming.

The ovens that form part of this line integrate perfectly into settings that are characterized by a rustic and traditional style.

Classic, modern and future: choose the designer wood fired oven | Alfa Forni

2.       Modern Line

The soft and rounded curves that characterize this line’s ovens are ideal for refurbishing younger and modern spaces.

The quality of the materials used along with being able to choose the colour of the oven that best suits the furnishing accessories and outdoor tables make the Modern line models not only functional but also perfectly capable of integrating with your home and your lifestyle.

Curved lines, Italian design and the best of Alfa technology coexist in the Modern line and convey character and style to young and dynamic spaces.

Classic, modern and future: choose the designer wood fired oven | Alfa Forni

3.       Future Line

The Future Line combines a clean and essential design with amazing performance that offers you exceptional results in an extremely intuitive way.

Minimalism, practicality and discreet elegance are expressed through this line’s outdoor oven characterized by stainless steel.

A single finish, a single colour, a simple and linear shape that facilitates its use and cleaning and that is well suited to be complemented by modern barbecues for a timeless outdoor kitchen.

Classic, modern and future: choose the designer wood fired oven | Alfa Forni

What to Look When Buying an Oven

Undoubtedly the design and the technology implemented are among the features to evaluate when buying a modern oven, however the size of the cooking chamber and the type of fuel used are also important.

The style of the oven must be able to integrate with that of the environment and  your outdoor kitchen and the shape must be designed to offer you maximum performance.

It is no coincidence that the top of wood fired ovens has always been made in a spherical way.  

The semi-sphere dome enables optimal movement of the air so as to distribute the heat inside the oven allowing it both to reach high temperatures and to keep them constant during the cooking of various types of foods.

This is why Alfa ovens, in addition to being implemented with Heat Genius™ technology, come with a dome that has a particular flattened shape called OptiDome that allows the oven to heat up quickly and maintain constant temperatures.

Once you have identified the style of the oven you like the most, among those proposed in the three Alpha lines, you simply need to choose:

  • The most suitable size, depending on the space you have available and the number of pizzas you intend to cook
  • The fuel type amongst wood fired, gas or hybrid

Let’s see how to identify the ideal size and fuel type for your needs.


How big does a wood fired oven have to be?

Modern ovens are compact, light and equipped with bases that are useful both for storing wood or the gas cylinder and for being easily moved from one corner of the terrace or garden to another.

There is no standard fit for everyone.  The perfect size of the oven will manage to combine the right size of the cooking chamber, which depends on the number of pizzas you intend to cook, and the space you have available.

If you have little space or you just need to cook one pizza at a time, a small, compact oven will allow you to cook good-sized pizzas and, if it has been designed and made properly, it will allow you to cook them in sequence if you have several guests.

A medium-sized oven allows you to cook 2 or 3 pizzas at a time, thus reducing cooking times and optimizing fuel costs.

If, on the other hand, you have a large garden or terrace and love to invite many people over, the bigger oven that can cook 4 or 5 pizzas is the model that best suits your needs: in this way, you can cook multiple pizzas at the same time and eat with your guests.


Vuoi scoprire qual è il forno più adatto alle tue esigenze?

Classic, modern and future: choose the designer wood fired oven | Alfa Forni

What fuel type should I choose?

A modern oven can become the undisputed protagonist of outdoor spaces which, if well furnished, can represent an actual extension of the house.

Moreover, they are beautiful tools to admire and are extremely versatile thanks to which pleasant outdoor dinners can be organized while cooking an infinite number of recipes such as: pizzas, roasts, vegetables and sweets.

When thinking of an outdoor oven one immediately thinks of a wood fired oven, but it isn’t the only possible solution, there are in fact:

  • Wood fired ovens
  • Gas ovens
  • Hybrid ovens

Each of them uses different types of fuel and, consequently, has different features. Let’s take a closer look.


Outdoor wood fired ovens

In this case, obviously wood is the fuel to be used.

This type of oven is perfect for slow cooking and for making excellent pizzas.

The reasons that can lead you to buying an outdoor wood fired oven are numerous, mostly linked to the charm of the flame and the unmistakable aroma that only wood is able to emanate during long cooking sessions.   

Of course, using a wood fired oven may require a little more effort in flame management and ash cleaning, but it is absolutely worth it.


Outdoor gas ovens

Outdoor gas ovens are practical to use and can reach very high temperatures in a short time.

The fuel source can be either the usual gas from a wall connection in your home or a cylinder fuelled by LPG or methane.

Alfa gas ovens have a special Sidefire system where the Alfa burner is installed on the side of the oven and never on the bottom, as is the case in most commercial ovens.

This means that the heat is free to circulate throughout the combustion chamber freely, thus offering better performance in terms of cooking and consumption.


Outdoor hybrid ovens

If you can’t choose between the charm of wood fired ovens and the practicality of gas ovens, Alfa has developed and patented the Hybrid Kit the perfect solution for a hybrid oven.

It will be up to you from time to time to decide which fuel type to use, whether gas or wood, depending on the needs of the moment, which may be linked to the dish to be cooked or the availability of wood.



Outdoor oven: how to choose the right one

The best of Italian tradition and the most advanced technology coexist in every Alfa oven, to offer you high cooking performance and impeccable results.

Selected materials, processed by high-profile craftsmen with the best of yesterday’s experience and today’s technology, make Alfa ovens capable of integrating into any environment while lasting over time.

All you need to do is choose the style of the oven you prefer among the Classic, Modern and Future lines and then decide which size and type of fuel supply are best suited to your needs..

The Heat Genius™ technology developed by Alfa will do the rest, allowing you to achieve high performance without compromise