Foods that Bake Perfectly in a Pizza Oven (Other Than Pizza!)

There is no doubt that we all love freshly baked pizza out of a pizza oven. But there are lots of other foods that can be freshly baked in a pizza oven too!


If you own a wood-fired pizza oven at home, then take a break from baking pizza. It can be quite boring to have pizzas for every occasion, even if your family loves it.

Pizza ovens are not only exclusive to baking pizza, but you can create a versatile range of food in it and impress your loved ones.


Moreover, if you own a pizzeria, then you can expand your business by adding some amazing freshly baked goodies to the menu.

It’s high time that you take a break from pizza and bake other food in your pizza oven.



10 Scrumptious Food to Bake In Your Pizza Oven

Note: Never use ceramic, glass, or inexpensive aluminum utensils inside a wood fire pizza oven. Your utensils will almost directly come in contact with flames, so do not even use ‘oven-proof’ glass utensils as well. All of those materials will instantly crack or bend when in proximity to the flame.

For pizza ovens, use cast iron or hard-anodized steel cookware. If you are still in doubt, check out a detailed difference between Hard Anodized vs. Ceramic Cookware.


So let’s start right now with what foods can be baked inside a pizza oven!


  1. Steak

Steak will cook better and even faster in a wood fire pizza since it heats up so quickly. You can cook the steak directly on the oven floor or use cast iron utensils such as a grilling pan or rack. Keep the fat of the beef facing toward the fire as it will require more heat to cook. It will also become crisper if you keep it facing the flames. You can also roast raw vegetables along with your steak. Nothing goes better with a good steak than charred and roasted veggies.





  1. Naan Bread

If you are craving some Indian flatbread to complement your curries, then worry no more. You won’t need to set up a tandoor oven now to make homemade naan bread. Use your pizza oven to make the perfect soft naans that melt in your mouth. The best part is, you won’t require any fancy utensils; just lay them on the oven floor. Lastly, brush on a dollop of plain or garlic butter to enjoy the richness of butter naan and garlic naan.


Check out some high-performing pizza ovens to meet both your domestic and commercial baking.



  1. Wood Fire Sourdough Bread

If you love baking bread, then you’ll be happy to hear you can make great sourdough bread in your wood fire pizza oven! Fortunately, the pizza oven makes the baking process a lot easier with its high heat. So try baking some warm and fresh sourdough bread for your next brunch.





  1. Grilled Shrimp

Shrimp already cooks fast, so you don’t have to wait long for it to be done in your wood fire pizza oven. It is one of the appetizers that go with anything, and everybody loves it. So, if you are in a rush or want food within a few minutes, then grilled shrimp is a great option. Squeeze some lemon juice at the end to attain a tanginess.



  1. Corn on the Cob

On a gloomy rainy day when your family demands some corn on the cob, utilize your wood fire pizza oven to make roasted corn. You can either insert a grilling stick in the corn to turn it or lay them on the oven floor and turn them manually after each side is charred. The skin should not burn while charring, so make sure you keep an eye on them while they are roasting.



  1. Roasted Turkey/ Lamb/ Chicken

If you want to enjoy some roast meat on a sunny day with your family, then what could be easier than a pizza oven? Unlike an electric oven, you can set up a wood fire pizza oven in your yard and enjoy making and eating fresh and juicy roasts.


However, while roasting turkey inside the pizza oven, make sure it is not too big to touch the oven roof and get burned. Additionally, to complement your protein, you can roast some potatoes to serve on the side.





  1. Carrot Cake

After a hearty meal comes dessert, and it is easy to bake your sweet treats in a pizza oven. The first suggestion I have is carrot cake. You don’t need to put them on the flame. Simply turn up the flames so high that the wood and bricks radiate heat, turn off the flame, and pop in the cake to bake!



  1. Cinnamon Rolls

If your kids are demanding cinnamon rolls, then make them some with the leftover dough you have in your fridge. The pizza oven will produce some luscious, drool-worthy cinnamon rolls for you. You can switch out the filling for chocolate or fruit spread for some variety.



  1. Apple Pie

If your kitchen oven is full but you still have to bake an apple pie for Thanksgiving dessert, then turn to your trusty pizza oven. Your apple pie will taste even better when baked in a wood fire pizza oven.





  1. S’mores

The easiest and most hassle-free dessert to bake in a pizza oven is s’mores. Place the marshmallows directly on a pan and let them char. Make sure you turn it over when one side is charred. It is a perfect dessert to make with a pizza oven if you are having an outdoor/ home-garden picnic.




Final Thought

You can cook a lot of fine dining food with a wood fire pizza oven for your weekend dinners! It is simple, fun, and a different way of baking food.


Do you want an alternative to your conventional oven? If so, give any of these recipes a try, or you try experimenting with any other food you like instead of limiting yourself to pizzas. You’ll be amazed at the taste! However, whatever you bake, make sure you use the correct baking utensils to avoid unfortunate accidents.

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