A workshop on fun and fine food took place in Beveren (Belgium) on 27th June.

An event completely devoted to our outdoor wood-burning ovens, where 20 foodies learned how to make and relish a menu fully composed of wood-fired dishes.

The gong started the beginning of the workshop at 16 o’clock with the presentation of our bestselling Quattro Pizze oven; all participants were impressed by its aesthetic and technical features and could appreciate an innovative, beautiful and easy-to-use product.

To put all this theory into practice, get down to work! Guided by our pizza chef Giuseppe Pinto, all participants were able to find out all the secrets to making a perfect pro pizza dough at home.

But that’s not all there is to it! The demo showed how to cook other dishes in a versatile and handy wood-fired oven. To tickle the attendants taste buds, we served in turn a pasta bake, a tartiflette, some delicious rib steaks with honey and barbecue sauce and a beefsteak.

And to top it off, Nutella pizza as a dessert!

Thank you for such a wonderful evening and we look forward to seeing you at the next workshop!

A super tasty workshop | Alfa Forni