Kit Low & Slow

Kit Low & Slow

The Low & Slow Kit designed by Alfa is ideal for baking bread and more generally for all recipes that require lengthy cooking at low temperatures.

The kit includes:

  • The convenient removable door, equipped with a large glass-ceramic window, allows you to constantly keep an eye on the dishes inside the oven;
  • The insert with butterfly valve, to be placed at the base of the flue which is useful for managing the temperature with greater precision.
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The Low & Slow Kit is the first oven kit designed specifically for all those recipes that require slow cooking at low and constant temperatures, such as bread or beef ribs.

Thanks to the removable stainless steel door, equipped with a large ceramic glass window, you can check the progress of the food that is cooking without having to constantly open the oven door.

In this way, the visibility of the dishes that are cooking increaseswhile heat dispersion decreases.

Kit Low & Slow | Alfa Forni
Kit Low & Slow | Alfa Forni

The butterfly closure valve allows you to adjust, in a modular and precise manner, the temperature needed to successfully cook the various recipes.

In addition to offering impeccable cooking performance, the Low & Slow Kit allows you to reduce fuel consumption by increasing the oven’s energy efficiency.


The Kit is designed to be installed easily and quickly on all Alfa domestic ovens, with the exception of the small Portable.

Simply place the butterfly valve insert between the oven and the flue taking care to use heat resistant gloves when handling the valve while using the oven.

Kit Low & Slow | Alfa Forni

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Kit Low & Slow | Alfa Forni