Pastry board

Pastry board

The traditional pastry board, for the impeccable stretching out of pizza dough The Alfa pastry board in laminated fir wood represents the ideal fusion between tradition and functionality. Made entirely in Italy by expert craftsmen, it guarantees easy and perfect pizza preparation thanks to the natural characteristic of wood to prevent the dough from sticking.

  • Made of fir wood
  • Wooden abutment with limiter stop
  • Easy pizza making
  • Food preparation
  • Dimensions:50×48 cm
  • Thickness:18 mm
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Discover the Alfa pizza pastry board

Shape your best pizzas with the Alfa pastry board. Produced with passion in Italy by skilled craftsmen, it uses the typical characteristics of wood to make the stretching out of pizza dough simple and practical.

The pastry board is in fact made of laminated wood, obtained from the union of strips of solid fir wood. This makes it resistant and long-lasting and above all facilitates the preparation of pasta because it prevents the latter from sticking to the surface.

Protected by a specific food treatment, which guarantees its healthiness and safety of use, the pastry board is also equipped with a wooden limiter stop, for greater stability.

Quick and easy cleaning and maintenance

To keep the pastry board always clean and efficient, simply clean it after each use with a dry cloth, avoiding aggressive chemical products, and then store it indoors.

After a few ordinary cleaning cycles, simply grease the surface with edible oil to restore its water repellency and resistance to stains and grease.

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