During the lockdown, many people rediscovered their love of cooking and tried old and new recipes.

The success of TV baking shows has boomed and on social media people have taken to bragging about their home cooking for better or worse.

But as the old adage goes, he who makes no mistakes makes nothing, so the only way to improve your cooking is to try and try again.


Pizza makers took advantage of lockdown to improve their skills by looking for new ways of making pizza doughs or of giving unusual pizza toppings a go that could result in the recipes presented to customers when the restrictions will be lifted.


In this article we will tell you where you can get ideas and inspiration for making better pizzas and we will focus, in particular, on “Il boss delle pizze” TV show and on why the production team chose Alfa’s ovens for this programme.

“Il Boss delle Pizze” chooses Alfa’s ovens

The first season of “Il Boss delle pizze”, a pizza-making competition show, was successfully broadcast on Alice TV (channel 221).

By watching it, you can get many ideas to create delicious pizzas: 64 pizza chefs slug it out for winning the big prize.

The 32 episodes of the first season are available on YouTube

The boss is Luciano Carciotto, “best of the best” champion at the 2017 International Pizza ChallengeTM in Las Vegas that selects the competitors and rewards the winner. In doing so, he’s assisted by a jury made up of two pizza connoisseurs that is different in every episode.

In addition to famous pizza makers, chefs, restaurateurs and entrepreneurs in the hospitality and catering industry are part of the jury.

“Il boss delle pizze”’s production has selected Alfa ovens for this TV show because of their high-quality cooking and inimitable design.

For us at Alfa, being chosen for our products is a formidable recognition of all the work carried out for creating high-performing and stylish ovens.

Let’s go into some more details.

Vuoi scoprire qual è il forno più adatto alle tue esigenze?

Alfa Forni takes centre stage in “Il boss delle pizze”: get the latest news

The design of Alfa ovens

As all pizza makers that took part in “Il boss delle pizze” can attest, Alfa’s ovens not only allow you to cook pizza and other dishes to a tee but also to spruce your place up and to give a touch of elegance to your open kitchen.

Television needs to satisfy the audience with a product that is beautiful to look at as well as effective and in this respect Alfa designer ovens tick all the boxes. Thanks to their careful design, Alfa ovens make it possible to convey important values for all pizza lovers such as high-quality cooking into an innovative appliance that fully respects tradition.

High-quality cooking

A major factor to consider is the cooking quality, a very broad term that has many implications.

It basically depends on the characteristics of food as well as the oven features.

As for the pizza, the main points are:

  • the dough hydration
  • the types of flours used
  • the time and method of dough-making
  • the fermentation
  • the temperature
  • the dough stretching
  • the proper choice of toppings (especially the waterier ones).
  • Questi fattori hanno il loro impatto a prescindere dal forno utilizzato.

Concerning the oven features, it all comes down to the design, the structural characteristics, the heat capacity and the technology used in the manufacturing process.

The quality of raw materials, the shape of the dome and the type of fuel come into play as well.

The skillful combination of these aspects will result in a balance of heat between the vault and the floor that will allow the oven temperature to be maintained for a long time.

Making a pizza dough that is compatible with the features of your oven will allow you to get great results and to do that, understanding how your model works is absolutely key.

Alfa Forni takes centre stage in “Il boss delle pizze”: get the latest news

The advantages of the Alfa ovens

Alfa ovens got the nod from the “Il boss delle pizze” production team because of their cooking performance as well as their aesthetic appearance.

The design of the steel vault conveys a successful connection between innovation and tradition.

The Alfa stainless-steel ovens are the result of important technological developments that coalesced into the ForninoxTM patent which has made it possible to combine the best refractory materials and a stainless-steel dome to obtain appliances with important advantages compared to traditional ones such as:

  • Greater heat efficiency
  • Better oven mobility
  • Speed of service

let’s look at them more closely.

1. Greater heat efficiency

Alfa steel ovens keep the old-world charm of refractory models but with an increase in thermal performance thanks to the dome steel covering.

As a result, these appliances reach high temperatures faster and consume way less energy.

2. Better oven mobility

Steel is much lighter than refractory material, so its use in manufacturing lowers the weight of the ovens and facilitates their mobility opening up all sorts of possibilities.

Just move it outdoors in the summer adding pizzas to your menu or organize a cooking show with the chef in the spotlight.

3. Speed of service

The oven heats up quickly and maintains the right temperature for a long time and this allows restaurants to increase their business.

In the 28th episode of “Il boss delle pizze”, Sara Lauro, Alfa’s head of Sales and Marketing who was part of the jury, stressed the importance of this factor in the final evaluation.

Speed of service is a crucial element in a pizzeria or a restaurant and in this respect having an oven that fares well under pressure and delivers even cooking without sudden drops in performance will be a big plus.

Vuoi scoprire qual è il forno più adatto alle tue esigenze?

Alfa Forni takes centre stage in “Il boss delle pizze”: get the latest news
Alfa Forni takes centre stage in “Il boss delle pizze”: get the latest news

Grow your business with Alfa ovens

Alfa ovens have long been a milestone for professional and amateur pizza chefs.

The passion for our work pushes us to constantly improve our ovens to make top-drawer appliances available to professional pizza makers from all over the world.

In addition to providing high-performing ovens, we are here to help and guide pizza makers and chefs in choosing the most suitable model.

Visit our website to find ideas and tips on how to support pizza chefs in their daily work.

There is also a section explaining how to host display cooking or any type of event in your restaurant.

While you are waiting for the second season of “Il boss delle pizze” you can take advantage of your free time to improve the knowledge of your oven, try new recipes or new cooking methods.

In this way you and your Alfa oven will be quite ready to relaunch your business when lockdown measures will be eased.

For more information on the world of commercial ovens, visit our blog to watch our video tutorials.