Alfa Pizza is expanding its business internationally. Tuesday March 8, we received the WGEC (Woman’s Garden Executive Club) Award in Paris thanks to our Ciao M oven, presented last month during the Progetto Fuoco Trade Fair in Verona.

The all-female jury chose our wood-fired oven emphasizing some fundamental aspects such as the elegant design, the practicality and the ease of use. The Ciao oven impressed by its ability to combine a modern design with the traditional “firebrick cooking” flavour, thus adapting itself to the needs of the female audience who always try to couple the beautiful and the good.

Sara Lauro, our head of trade marketing, during her acceptance speech highlighted the international ambition of Alfa 1977 who is seeing an exponential growth of its appeal abroad thanks to an extremely innovative and revolutionary line of products.

Sara also confirmed our fruitful and ongoing dedication to the research and development of new solutions in terms of functionality and innovation.

Thanks to this commitment which stems from the analysis of the desires of our customers, we have created the Ciao line, Small, Medium and Large: different sizes to suit every space requirement. This small but brilliant innovation has enabled Alfa Pizza to be known and recognized in Italy and abroad. Without forgetting our main asset: a modern and innovative design, the purest expression of “100% Made in Italy” that people love so much abroad.

This award is a welcome recognition for our daily efforts to offer you some special products, the force that drives and motivates us to give our best, taking care of the smallest details.