Alfa’s virtual fair: a massive success!

Ribbon cutting for Alfa Forni’s first virtual fair!

The first Alfa’s Virtual Fair opened on November 3, an interactive showroom arranged to get in touch with all partners that we cannot meet in person because of the coronavirus restrictions.

Expectations were high and yet they were exceeded during the first week of the trade fair!

“We knew that this virtual showroom would be good news for our business partners”, comments Sara Lauro, Alfa’s head of Sales and Marketing, ”but the enthusiastic welcome they gave to the opportunity to visit this virtual space surprised us and put a smile on our face!”


Alfa’s virtual fair: a massive success! | Alfa ForniVirtual Fair: an innovative way to get in touch

«We wanted to create a new modus operandi”, continues Sara Lauro. “The restrictive measures put in place to stem the Covid-19 pandemic have forced us to think deeply about some issues and especially the way, from now on, we will have to face the problems related to the impact of the coronavirus crisis on work trips, participation in trade fairs and all things business travel.

We at Alfa Forni didn’t think twice about it: we resolved to allocate the business travel money to organise a virtual meeting space with our business partners to show them our products and keep them posted on any developments. A place where you can see with your own eyes, although virtually, the superb craftsmanship of Alfa’s products.»

Alfa’s virtual fair: a massive success! | Alfa Forni

Enthusiasm is our watchword

Enthusiastic is the right word to describe our guests’ reaction. The virtual fair was highly acclaimed by our partners that fulfilled their desire to take part in an unprecedented, open-to-all, easy-to-explore event devoted to the proper use of Alfa products.


We really wanted to join in it, especially in challenging times like these.

«Having the chance of placing the products in their ’natural habitat’ was just thrilling», commented one of our partners.

«It’s not only the appreciation for as cutting-edge an initiative as a virtual fair can be», he continues.

«Feeling that the company really cares about us, its partners, means a lot, it’s like being part of the family!».


A smashing success, that no one could predict on such a large scale, in a way. To arrange home wood and gas-burning ovens in their element was the best move to showcase our high-quality products.


Alfa’s virtual fair: a massive success! | Alfa Forni

Virtual Fair: from one-time event to regular habit

But the good news from Alfa doesn’t end here. After the huge success achieved with our partners, the virtual fair will become a permanent fixture and will be made available to our collaborators to use it for doing their own business.

«As we have said many times before”, explains Sara Lauro, “we are going through a tough time. But this pandemic can’t put our lives on hold: we must continue to work and for this reason I think it’s up to the companies to take any possible measures to overcome the challenges posed by the virus.

In a small way, we have always focused on human relationships that are being particularly affected right now, considering our collaborators, whether they are managers, employees or partners at large, as members of a single family: to find a place where all company workers can gather seemed a must to nurture the friendship and the affection that bind us together.

For that reason, we decided to keep the virtual fair open to collaborators in order to further strengthen the sense of closeness that is more important than ever in the current circumstances».


Alfa Forni: enthusiasm, professionalism and innovation

Lots of enthusiasm and a strong will to forge ahead: these are the two main elements to outline the atmosphere at Alfa.

At Alfa, everyone is working to ensure quality, professionalism and innovation and giving up is not an option. Let’s meet at our next trade fair!



Alfa’s virtual fair: a massive success! | Alfa Forni

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Alfa’s virtual fair: a massive success! | Alfa Forni

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Alfa’s virtual fair: a massive success! | Alfa ForniAlfa’s virtual fair: a massive success! | Alfa Forni