The Alfa burner

Alfa ovens are a concentrate of technology, innovation and attention to detail, where every smallest component has been designed to offer you maximum safety and the best cooking results. The [...]


WARNING: one of the main causes of fire is the non-compliance with minimum safe distances from combustible materials. It is imperative that you install the appliance according with the [...]

Conversion GPL-GN

ATTENZIONE: L’operazione di conversione deve essere effettuata da un tecnico qualificato quando il forno è spento e completamente freddo. Un allacciamento improprio nonché eventuali alterazioni [...]

Conversion GPL-GN

ATTENTION : Cette conversion doit être réalisée par un professionnel autorisé lorsque le four est éteint et complètement froid. Une installation défectueuse ainsi qu’une altération du [...]