The world of catering equipment is pretty wide and includes a myriad of different solutions to choose from, based on the needs of each business and the context in which they are used. §
Among these, commercial pizza ovens certainly play a major role not only in traditional pizzerias but also in eating places such as food trucks, pubs, bars that offer quick meals or in restaurants that want to expand their options.


Being the industry benchmark for those who make pizzas for a living is a point of pride for Alfa, a company that for decades has focused their efforts on continuously improving the performance of pizza ovens.
Our appliances do perform better than those of our competitors and for this reason they get picked by many pizza chefs in countries throughout the world.


In this article, we will share honest reviews coming from users who have already experienced our pizza ovens, focusing on the value they add to hospitality business at large.

Commercial pizza ovens: why did they choose Alfa? | Alfa Professional

Customer feedback on Alfa pizza commercial ovens

Alfa is an all-Italian company that has been manufacturing ovens for more than 40 years.

The defining feature of our company has always been the constant search for new ways to improve the thermal properties of refractories, the raw material of traditional ovens.

Later, thanks to our firm commitment to excellence, we came to develop the technology that used steel to revolutionise the market for both home and commercial pizza ovens.

The innovations introduced by Alfa have allowed the production of appliances capable of delivering great cooking performance with high energy efficiency.

Today we are happy to boast a large number of prestigious customers ranging from Europe to America via Indonesia, Thailand and India. In Italy, we are very pleased to work with the Pizza Master Franco Pepe who manages Pepe in Grani in Caiazzo (Caserta), twice in a row named the best pizzeria in the world.

Franco Pepe himself talks about his first encounter with Alfa ovens at Taste of Rome food festival and explains why he chose an Alfa model for his place: the great cooking results, lightness and ease of use.

One of the most flattering reviews we have received is the one from the staff of the Miravalle Hotel in Veroli (Frosinone) which you may find on the pages dedicated to our customer feedback.

“I was looking for a new wood-fired oven for the summer: beautiful, practical and easy to move. I attended a demo of the Opera oven and immediately I took a liking to it. Now it takes centre stage when putting a cooking show at my restaurant and since it consumes very little firewood (1/3 compared to a traditional oven) I decided to use it also in wintertime. The funny thing is, not only the pizza maker uses it, but the chef borrows the oven to create his new recipes”.

If feedback from hospitality business professionals is important, their customers reviews are even more significant. Many punters of the Miravalle Hotel have dropped a few lines on their wonderful stay thanks also to the scrumptious pizza they were lucky enough to savour.

Commercial pizza ovens: why did they choose Alfa? | Alfa Professional

The benefits of Alfa commercial ovens

In the first part of this article, we have seen some of the reviews from our customers about our pizza ovens.
Now, let us continue talking about the reasons why our customers are enthusiastic about our ovens that can be summarised in 5 points:

  1. Superior cooking performance
  2. High thermal efficiency
  3. Ease of movement
  4. Elegant design
  5. Great to put on a show in the kitchen

Vuoi scoprire qual è il forno più adatto alle tue esigenze?

Commercial pizza ovens: why did they choose Alfa? | Alfa Professional

1. Superior cooking performance

To prepare a scrumptious pizza you have to master the cooking. In fact, making good pizza dough, spread it skillfully and top it with delightful toppings is not enough.

Baking it to a tee is the key. There is no margin for errors and the difficulties encountered in cooking the pizza may be traced to the misperformance of the oven or the pizza chef’s mistake. As regards the first point:

  • The oven must be capable to transfer heat to the pizza in an adequate manner, that is, balancing the hot air coming from the vault with the one from the floor to have a pizza crusty on the outside and soft on the inside
  • The oven must cook evenly in all areas

Improper baking may simply be the result of an unclean oven, a temperature either too low or too high or an excessive or insufficient cooking time. So, it is of the utmost importance to consider all these factors to serve our customers a perfectly cooked pizza, one that can make them come back to our place or put in a good word for it with their friends, thus becoming a powerful marketing tool.

Alfa ovens provide exceptional cooking thanks to their high-grade raw materials and the innovative solutions they use.

2. High thermal efficiency

Thermal efficiency is a basic parameter when it comes to choosing a commercial pizza oven. An energy-efficient appliance allows you to maximise the energy coming from the fuel (wood, gas or electricity) by providing more heat at a lower cost.

The ForninoxTM patent made it possible to build ovens by combining refractories and stainless steel. In this way, Alfa steel ovens reach very high temperatures in a shorter time and with less energy consumption than traditional models.

Commercial pizza ovens: why did they choose Alfa? | Alfa Professional

3. Ease of movement

Using steel in the manufacture of Alfa models has enabled us to produce light, wheeled ovens to cook wherever you like. Good news for restaurateurs who want to make the most of their outdoor seating during hot weather or to lighten their kitchen workload.

4. Elegant design

The elegant and stylish design is one of the strong points of Alfa ovens. Paying attention to the shapes does not only respond to aesthetical needs but does contribute to technical performances: the outline of the steel dome favours the increase in temperature and pushes the heat onto the pizzas more effectively.

The combination of refractory materials and stainless steel conjures the interplay of tradition and innovation which is one of the core values of our company. Our ovens are particularly suitable for open-kitchen restaurants as they attract the attention of diners on the work of the pizza chefs and their dishes.

5. Great to put on a show in the kitchen

All these features, design and mobility in the first place, make Alfa ovens the go-to appliances to stage a cooking show and turn your restaurant into a place where you can eat delicious meals, socialise and participate in a special viewing experience all at once.

Cooking in front of clients certainly puts more pressure on the chef but at the same time improves the quality of food and can easily result in hooking new customers and retaining old ones. To do this, it is necessary to choose the right oven, the one that adds value to the establishment, the food and the pizza maker and Alfa products perfectly meet these needs.

Vuoi scoprire qual è il forno più adatto alle tue esigenze?

Commercial pizza ovens: why did they choose Alfa? | Alfa Professional
Commercial pizza ovens: why did they choose Alfa? | Alfa Professional

Alfa has plenty of solutions for the hospitality business.

Over the years, Alfa has developed state-of-the-art cooking appliances to satisfy the needs of the most demanding pizza makers while being true to our commitment to excellence. The range of Alfa commercial ovens is wide enough for you to find the most suitable appliance for every situation.

Furthermore, all our models come in various sizes and can be customised. We have wood-fired, gas-fired and hybrid (gas and firewood) ovens and recently we have introduced the Zeno, the commercial electric model.

Basically, we have something for everybody, from ovens that are ideal when space is at a premium to high-production workhorses. Have a look at the guide to select the best commercial oven for you.

Now it is time to say goodbye without forgetting to thank all the customers that already left a review of our products, inviting them to continue to help us improve our work.