Choosing a professional pizza oven is no easy task as you have to decide among many such products on the market.

Electric ovens, refractory wood-burning ovens, gas-burning ovens, combined ovens, rotary and static ovens, steel dome and refractory floor ovens… the list is endless.

The choice of the pizza oven depends on many factors not least among them its location and how you use it. The golden rule for pizza is that it has to be baked in wood-burning oven but for all those who don’t seem to have a grip on this fuel, a gas-burning oven or an electric one is a good compromise.

If you want to open your own pizzeria the number of covers is a key aspect of the business. Another element that you can’t underestimate is the fuel consumption. The wood-fired oven consumes less but bringing the firewood to the oven can be complicated and taking a long time. The gas-fired oven consumes a little bit more than a wood-fired one but it is far easier to use. The electric oven is definitely the oven that consumes the most electricity; it needs great amounts of power to reach the cooking temperatures of a professional pizza oven.

Another main factor is how long it takes to cook a pizza. Cooking time is very short in traditional wood-burning and gas-burning ovens or in steel dome and refractory floor ones (about 1 minute, 1 minute and a half) and it rises up to 4 minutes in electric pizza to give a crust that tastes more like biscuits than pizza. Make the right evaluations before purchasing a professional pizza oven because it is an investment for the future!