Cooking in a wood oven is tradition, tastes and hospitality: this is our passion. To spread it throughout the world, we decided long ago to work with those who share with us; fans who have the tools to reach people and the ability to convey the same passion that drives us every day in the design of better wood stoves and in the realization of products of high Italian craftsmanship.

Do you have a blog? Do you write for a magazine? Do you teach cooking classes? Do you have an eating locale where the “cooking show” is on stage every night? Get in touch with us, we will be happy to study with you the possibility to work and achieve something important.

  •   South-African by birth, French for some time and English by adoption, made his own passion a real job. He defines himself as an “outdoor cooking expert” and his own mission is to prove that everyone can be “an outdoor chef”..

    Cornelius Veakins
    Cornelius Veakins Brand ambassador
  •   Vittorio grew up in the middle of the flour and cake in the bakery family in Via the butchery of Soziglia, in the historic center of Genoa. Today he takes care of anything, but the passion for baking remained and over the years has adapted some of the recipes of his father so that they work in the home environment

    Vittorio Blogger
  • Limiting the use of Alfa ovens exclusively to baked goods is a crime! Their versatility and flexibility coupled with a stable performance make them the ideal tools to add value to my traditional cooking.

    Marco Agostini
    Marco Agostini Head of Grill Academy
  • Gemma is a professional Irishman chef who has a passion to share her years of experience and Irish charm with all those who want to cook ambitiously beyond the usual rules. In her new show, Bigger Bolder Baking, he wants to show how to create baking recipes that are sure to impress.

    Gemma Stafford
    Gemma Stafford Youtuber & Food blogger
  • At Authentica (my gourmet pizza parlour) I used an Alfa oven that has been retrofitted to cook pizza according to my needs. Since inaugurating it, a year ago, I have used the Alfa Quattro Pro oven and I’m really satisfied with this product and its performances.

    Franco Pepe Pepe in Grani
  •   Born in Arce, in the province of Frosinone, in the first half of the twentieth century, from a small workshop, Polselli, today, is the protagonist in the milling sector of quality in Italy and leader in the production of flour for bread, pastries and pizza. Within the academy you can find one of the Alfa Pizza professional ovens that is used during the training courses for pizza makers.

    Polselli Mill and Academy
  • The main aims of the platform are:

    • providing enterprises with useful tools for searching for staff;
    • facilitating the matching of supply and demand for labor;
    • promoting the integration into employment of pupils who have frequented the hotel schools and professional institutes;
    • stimulating trade multicultural foreigners seeking work abroad;
    • centralizing all jobs offers in the sector;
    • enhancing professionalism in the catering and hotel sectors.

    Rysto Free platform for catering professionals
  • I chose Alfa ovens as a key tool for my consulting business in the domain of pizza and leavened products. I’m totally satisfied with the choice I made: my oven allows me to handle different cooking techniques; gas supply gives efficiency, shorter heating times, great power and constant heat for high-temperature cooking.

    Giovanni Tesauro
    Giovanni Tesauro Bakery consultant
  • A web site dedicated to those who like to always have hands their hands in the pasta, it is a meeting point for lovers of bread, pizza and all leavened products for baking, so as to, share experiences and provide guidance to improve one's skills.

    Profumi dal Forno
    Profumi dal Forno Blogger

What they say about us

In these pages, you will find a lot about us. Articles and news about our activity and our products but also comments and personal experiences of professionals or Alfa followers. We are so proud of the interest that the major trade magazines show in our ovens that we want to share this reading with you and help you guide your purchasing decisions. Browsing through these links, you will also find the most important expos we have attended or the upcoming events where you could meet us.

Do you want to report an article about us or do you want to post it on your blog?
Send it to us and you may see it published here.

  • Fig Magazine
  • Ring of Fire Grills
    Ring of Fire Grills westchestermagazine
  • Alfa Pizza on Bricomag in April 2015.

    Bricomag Read more
  • The "ape pizza": Ultimora online, in an article, proposes the idea of one of our Dutch customers as a business solution for one of the most characteristic Italian place. Here is the article.

    Ultimora online
    Ultimora online Read more
  • The job portal in catering Rysto.com devotes an article to Alfa Pizza for his presence at Sigep 2016: Sigep 2016 Alfa Pizza è showcooking dal dolce al salato.

    Rysto Read more
  • This month the newspaper Macchine Alimentari talks about our Opera oven. «A wood or gas fired professional fired oven designed and made in Italy with the original Forninox Technology.» Read the full article.

    Macchine Alimentari
    Macchine Alimentari
  • Our dealer The Alfresco Chef Ltd published an insertion on the Garden Centre Retail magazine into the "Latest Products Outdoor Cooking" section. The insertion dated October 2015 is about our outdoor wood-fired oven Ciao.

    Garden Centre Retail
    Garden Centre Retail
  • 5 tips to make innovation by owners of Alfa Pizza: read the article on Millionaire.

    Millionaire Read more
  •   Host 2015 - Alfa Pizza presents Evolution, the new line of professional wood fired ovens and gas ovens: read the article on Glam Food.

    Glam Food
    Glam Food Read more
  • Alfa Pizza presents the “Evolution” professional oven line. Fashion, technology and Italian cuisine represents Italy in the world. All of these elements can be discovered in the new line of professional ovens “Evolution” by Alfa Pizza. eHotelier

    eHotelier Read more
  • Alfa Pizza’s high tech wood-fired ovens: a meeting with Alfa Refrattari, interview with the marketing director Andrea Lauro; the evolution of the ovens both for domestic and professional world, spark after spark of ideas. NewsFood.com

    NewsFood.com Read more
  • Food equipment between design, hi-tech and sustainability: “Green is the new Black”, as the Americans would say, and it is true: now sustainability considerations are essential for the engineering industry. Read the complete article.

    Host - Fiera Milano
    Host - Fiera Milano Read more
  • Great Bread Pizza pasta Made in Italy: read the article on Glam Food.

    Glam Food
    Glam Food Read more
  • Supplier sees the Italian “Evolution” oven: read the article on Catering Insight, business intelligence for the catering equipment industry.

    Catering Insight
    Catering Insight Read more
  • Former La Tasca and Gondola man turns equipment supplier: read the article on Food Service Equipment Journal.

    Food Service Equipment Journal
    Food Service Equipment Journal Read more
  • Ville & Casali is one of the most important italian newspaper that talks about how to decorate, buy and enjoy Luxury houses. This month our domestic oven Fiesta Barbecue is mentioned as the precious oven to enjoy your backyard.

    Ville & Casali
    Ville & Casali
  • How we invent a revolutionary wood-fired oven: the article is published on Millionaire.it that tells more about our new professional range of wood fired oven Evolution.

    Millionaire Read more
  • Desainer is the magazine of Italian design and the meeting point for all those who have passion for style, taste and elegance and they want to read, discuss, advise, criticize, share and deepen their knowledge about the world of Italian and international design.

    desainer.it Read more
  • Also this month we are on the newsstands! Millionaire, the most widely read monthly business magazine in Italy speaks about our new professional oven Achille. Its sharp features and its robust armor make it the best ally in the kitchen.

    Millionaire Read more
  • Even our friends from Farineria talk about us, moreover, the dough should be cooked. The laboratory from Puglia based in Taranto, linked to the world of flour has published on its website a post about our domestic wood oven Ciao

    La Farineria
    La Farineria Read more
  • We are proud to have reached a new stage with the online publication of our domestic products on the international portal Archiproducts of the circuit Archipassport.

    Archiproducts Read more
  • Throughout the month of June 2015, it was distributed at EXPO 2015, in the Hall Farm Triulza, the magazine Ristofranchising annexed to the monthly magazine Millionaire, in which we were present with an editorial in double page dedicated to the new line of professional ovens “Evolution”: print run of 95,000 copies.

    Ristofranchising Read more